18 01, 2019

5 Tips for Your Multi-Vendor Marketplace Using EDD FES

2019-06-26T12:03:44+00:000 Comments

Frontend Submission is a feature-packed add-on by EDD team which you can use to turn your digital E-commerce website into a perfect multi-vendor marketplace. There are several amazing applications for this add-on. You can create a full-blown and self-automated marketplace like Fiverr for example, where the “sellers” can add their gigs and go through an [...]

11 01, 2019

Using Learndash with Elementor After Gutenberg

2019-09-06T06:33:34+00:004 Comments

Our Ninjas noticed that a lot of you folks were having trouble with using LearnDash and Elementor Page Builder Combo for their WordPress LMS sites. Here is a quick guide on how to use this stack efficiently with WordPress 5.2! Step 1: Check all the LearnDash Post Types: Select Elementor from the wp-admin dashboard. Go [...]

21 12, 2018

5 Free WordPress Popup Plugins for Your Website

2019-10-11T19:23:59+00:000 Comments

Popups are the easiest way to convert your site visitors into email list subscribers. You can persuade site visitors to sign up to your newsletter,  by creating beautiful popups and opt-in forms. Companies following a similar strategy have reportedly increased CRO by as much as 300%. The WordPress store has thousands of popup plugins, [...]

4 12, 2018

Gutenberg: How It Will Change Things?

2019-10-11T19:26:17+00:002 Comments

Developing sites will become a whole new experience as the WordPress community is introduced to its new editor. The Gutenberg plugin has rebuilt WordPress editing, centering it around media-rich pages and posts. Needless to say, site building and customization in WordPress is revolutionized. The plugin is designed to encourage WordPress users to create custom-built pages [...]

4 12, 2018

5 Ways to Market LearnDash Courses

2019-10-11T19:27:05+00:000 Comments

If you are running an LMS using LearnDash, you might have come across techniques to market LearnDash courses. In some posts, you probably have heard of content marketing mentioned quite a few times. However, surprisingly enough, there is more than one way to market your content. 1. Content Marketing Yes, we know you have [...]