Event Espresso Customization Services

Simple solutions designed for your special events

Why Choose WooNinjas For EventEspresso Management and Customization

At WooNinjas we have a hand picked of experts which can provide you the quality service you would be looking for your event management site.
We are listed on the events espresso consultants page and we are committed to providing quality service to our customers.

We know how exhausting and time-consuming it might be to host a professional and successful event. It goes without saying that in order to attract as many attendees and professional sponsors as possible, your website should stand out of the crowd. What is more, we do understand that as an event planner you have a massive amount of things to take care of. While you are keeping an eye on logistics, marketing, PR, catering, speakers and attendees, let us do the work behind the scenes and make sure your website is up and running in a hassle-free way. Get in touch today and we will get right to it!

Payment Gateway Integration

It often happens that payment gateway available for your local currency or bank is not available. However, you no longer need to worry about that.

Our experts can integrate EventEspresso with any payment software and make sure that your attendees can buy their ticket from any corner of the world. What is more, we can add tax rates, shiping charges, integrate secure protocol (https) and ecryption of data (SSL) so that there is nothing that can possibly prevent an attendee to purchase a ticket and attend your event.

Custom email design

When it comes to event planning, every minor detail matters especially when it comes to marketing and design. We know you wouldn’t want to send generic templates available by default. You would rather go for a consistent design representing your brand. Send us a mock-up, and we will turn it into beautifully coded HTML template. Don’t have a mock-up? Not a problem either. Just get in touch or send us your preferences, and we’ll take care of both.



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