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Use your myCred toolbox to its full potential! The plugin offers limitless possibilities of point based features. With WooNinjas, you can set up a site with the feature that is ideal for you. Our developers will be happy to use their expertise and help you gamify your WordPress site.


myCred is an open-source plugin which offers all its features in one clean package. To use the customization feature to its full potential, WooNinjas skilled developers will help you unlock all its features and create an engaging site for you.

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We offer myCred configuration services to help you set up your site based on your requirements. We are equipped to handle everything from a small change to a complete overhaul.

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With a community of satisfied customers willing to vouch for us, we are not just developers, we are myCred Development Ninjas. We understand myCred inside out, to provide you with the reliable advice you need.

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