Integration of Third Party APIs and plugins

Perfect Experience with Perfect API Programming Services

At WooNinja, we always keep our focus on providing the ultimate web experience with the integration of Third Party APIs and plugins to your website or web applications. With Application Programming Interface (API) our experts add great features to your website that not only leaves a lasting impression on your visitors, but also gives you an ease to handle crucial data of your website or eCommerce store.

We provide some amazing and cost effective solutions through APIs Integration and save a lot of your time by giving you a simple and easy to manage web application system.


JSON REST API allows you to easily access your WordPress website data via HTTP and you can move everything such as posts, users, and much more in JSON format. This gives you ease to manage and run your website and you can fetch and update your data whenever you want.

Facebook API

With the help of Facebook API you can build applications for the users of Facebook, API helps you in fetching data such as their profile information, their connections, and other required data this help apps to function effectively. This also allows users to share their information like photos and other activities in the app.

Twitter API for a Seamless Experience

There are two major APIs for Twitter integration with apps and websites, the first one is REST API that gives access to core Twitter data such as Tweets, Update Timelines, Followers/Following, etc. The other is Search API that helps to explore trends data and other stuff.


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