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Version 1.0

Last Update 16 February 2021

In order to set up an affiliate program for a LearnDash course with AffiliateWP, you had to use WooCommerce or some other e-commerce plugin to set up each LearnDash course as a product. Only by integrating AffiliateWP with the e-commerce plugin, courses could be connected to referrals and commissions.

The AffiliateWP LearnDash integration allows LearnDash and AffiliateWP to seamlessly communicate with each other without having an e-commerce plugin acting as a middle man. Your users can register as affiliates and earn a commission or access to premium content by bringing referrals to your e-learning site. And if your courses are free, you will be able to reward your affiliates with points.

Features To Create An Affiliate Program And Spread The Word About Your LearnDash Courses

Allow users to sign up as affiliates

Allow your site’s users to sign up as affiliates, and promote your courses. Affiliates are able to earn referrals when users purchase your courses through their affiliate URLs.

Pay affiliates for their referrals

You can reward your affiliates for helping you sell your courses by paying them a commission when a customer purchases a course through an affiliate referral link. AffiliateWP allows you to pay commissions that are calculated as a percentage of the sale or as a flat rate amount.

Award referral points

When your affiliates refer a student to enroll in a free course, you can reward them by awarding them “referral points” that can be used to unlock exclusive content. You can determine the exact number of points your affiliate will earn from each referral from the add-on settings.

Premium content for affiliates

Referral points allow affiliates to unlock premium lectures. Premium lectures work like any other LearnDash lesson or topic, but are exclusively available to your affiliates.

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The AffiliateWP LearnDash Integration Allows You To Successfully Market Your LearnDash Courses

Reach a wider audience

By creating an affiliate program, your users are incentivized to promote your courses to their own networks, allowing your content to be marketed to a wider audience.

Build trust

Potential buyers are more likely to trust the opinion of someone they know and is familiar with your site, over your own content, when evaluating the value of your courses.

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