AffiliateWP Stripe Payout

The AffiliateWP Stripe Payout add-on allows you to pay your affiliates directly from your Stripe account in an easy and convenient way.

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Add-on Requirements

Current Version
22 Nov 2021
Last Update

5.8 or higher

WordPress Version

3.6 or higher

LearnDash Version

5.6 or higher

PHP Version

Add-on Overview & Features

Payments are processed individually or in bulk, and can be scheduled to be automatically processed on specific dates and, as a result, reduce payment processing time.

Easy Stripe Account Connection

Quickly connect your Affiliate Stripe account by just copying and pasting your account’s key.

Stripe Account Payments

Pay affiliates directly from your Stripe account to their connected Stripe accounts with a single click, and speed up processing referral commission payouts.

Bulk Payouts

Select multiple affiliates and click on a “Bulk Payout” button to process several payments at once much faster than before.

Scheduled Payouts

Automate affiliate payouts by scheduling individual and bulk payments. This feature is not available with AffiliateWP’s Payout Service or Paypal Payouts add-on.

Email Notifications

Inform your affiliates about the status of their referral payouts through email notifications.

Give your affiliates quick access to funds

Processing affiliate payments directly through Stripe reduces the regular 3 to 14 day payout time, giving your affiliates quicker access to their referral earnings.

Avoid AffiliateWP’s Payout Service fees

Payouts Service charges you a 3% fee, plus Stripe’s processing fee to complete affiliate payouts. By using this add-on, you are only charged Stripe’s processing fee and can avoid paying the additional 3% fee from Payouts Service.

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