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LearnDash Manage Assignments

The LearnDash Manage Assignments add-on allows you to reject any student’s submitted assignment. Your students will get automatically notified about the rejection and given the chance to resubmit their assignment.

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LearnDash Feedback

The LearnDash Feedback add-on provides a feedback tab on the course landing page that your students can use to submit feedback on the course.

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LearnDash Restrict Enrollment

Easily manage your courses by selecting a specific date range when your students can enroll in each course. The LearnDash Restrict Enrollment Add-on allows you to restrict course enrollment to specific dates.

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LifterLMS Quiz List

LifterLMS Quiz List This add-on creates a quiz listing page from where you can access any quiz without having to navigate to every individual course. Download now Rating: 5.0 on Download now Our add-ons are used by 3000+ happy customers! Add-on Requirements Current Version Last Update 5.8 or higher WordPress Version 6.0 or higher LifterLMS

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