LearnDash Advanced Quizzes

The add-on allows you to include new and unique question types and question time limits.

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Add-on Requirements

Current Version
02 Feb 2023
Last Update

5.8 or higher

WordPress Version

3.6 or higher

LearnDash Version

5.6 or higher

PHP Version

Add-on Overview & Features

LearnDash Advanced Quizzes makes your Quizzes more engaging and effective by allowing you to make use of new and unique question types and question time limits, as well as deduct points from incorrectly answered questions. This add-on also allows your students to save their quiz progress and return to their work at a later time.

Allow Students To Save and Resume Quiz Progress

With LearnDash Advanced Quizzes, you can allow quiz takers to save their quiz progress so that they can resume work at a later time. This way, you can better accommodate your students’ needs and schedules.

Deduct Quiz Points For Incorrect Answers

The Negative Markings feature allows you to deduct points from the student’s total quiz score when they answer questions incorrectly. Negative Markings can be configured individually for each quiz question. You can also add decimal values for Negative Markings.

Raise The Stakes With Time Limits

LearnDash Advanced Quizzes gives you the ability to set time limits for each question. You can create questions with no time limit, set a high time limit for low-difficulty questions, or keep time limits low for high-difficulty questions.

Jumbled Sentence

In this new question type, students can complete a sentence by selecting the missing word or a phrase from a set of options on a drop down menu.


With the swipe question type, you can present both image and text answer options to your students. They can determine whether the option is correct by swiping right or incorrect by swiping left.

Calculated Formula

Arithmetic questions where students must solve for a variable by completing a formula.

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