LearnDash Attendance Addon

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Version 1.7.3

Last Update 15 Dec 2021

The LearnDash Attendance Add-on allows you to easily mark course attendance for your students. Attendance can be marked by students themselves or by administrators and group leaders only, based on your preference. All student attendance data can also be accessed through complete attendance reports, which can be filtered according to your needs.

Features That Allow You To Track Student Attendance

Mark student attendance

Students can mark their attendance on lessons and topics. If preferred, you can only allow administrators and group leaders to mark attendance for users.

Restrict attendance tracking by device

For greater control when students are tracking their own attendance on the course, you can require them to mark their attendance from a single device.

Get attendance data reports

Administrators have access to complete student attendance reports that can be downloaded in CSV format and tailored using different data filters.

Display attendance statistics

Using the LearnDash Attendance add-on’s shortcodes, you can easily display attendance statistics for students and courses.

Monitor the time students spend completing courses

Administrators or group leaders can track and log the time each student spends on courses, lessons, topics and quizzes.

Reward Attendance With BadgeOS

Reward students based on their attendance percentage and count with BadgeOS achievements, when this plugin is active on your site.

Update your students by email

An email attendance report can be sent to your students on a weekly or monthly basis, according to your preference.

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The LearnDash Attendance Add-on Will Help You

Track student attendance

Allow your students to mark their own attendance or keep a closer tab on their participation by allowing only administrators and group leaders to mark attendance.

Analyze course attendance data

You can access complete reports containing detailed data on student attendance. Information can be filtered according to your reporting and attendance analytics needs.

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