LearnDash Certificate Verify & Share

With the LearnDash Certificate Verify & Share add-on your students can easily share their earned certificates on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for all their contacts to see.

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Add-on Requirements

Current Version
28 Oct 2022
Last Update

5.8 or higher

WordPress Version

3.6 or higher

LearnDash Version

5.6 or higher

PHP Version

Add-on Overview & Features

The add-on adds value and validity to your student’s achievements by allowing information on LearnDash certificates to be verified directly on your site. Allowing your students to view and share detailed information about earned certificates to confirm the veracity of their credentials. Thus, they can use their certificates as evidence of their knowledge and skills.

Being able to share their certificates with family, friends and coworkers boost the sense of achievement and accomplishment that students get when completing a course or quiz.

Find and verify certificates directly on your site

Add a verification page on your site, where students can directly find any certificate’s verification information by entering their unique certificate ID on the search field. You can display the unique certificate ID in certificates using a shortcode.

Allow students to share their achievements on social networks

Students can share an image of their certificate as well as a link to the certificate’s verification page as posts on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.

Enable students to add certificates to their LinkedIn Profile

Students can add their LearnDash certificates and all of their data to their LinkedIn profile with a click of a button.

Customize the design of certificate verification pages

Showcase data in the layout of your choice by selecting one of the two different certification page templates or creating a custom template of your own.

Verify certificates by scanning their QR codes

You can add a unique QR Code to each certificate using a shortcode. Scanning this unique QR Code will redirect you to the Certificate’s unique Verification Page.

Download your certificate’s verification data in PDF

Students can download their earned certificates from the verification page in PDF format.

Use the LearnDash certificate add-on built certificate for sharing

The LearnDash Certificate Verify and share add-on is compatible with the LearnDash Certificate builder add-on. You can use the built certificates for verification and sharing on social media.

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