LearnDash Manage Assignments

Get more tools to manage your students’ assignments! The LearnDash Manage Assignments add-on allows you to reject any student’s submitted assignment. Your students will get automatically notified about the rejection and given the chance to resubmit their assignment.

Add-On Requirements


Current Version

06 Oct 2023

Last Update

5.8 or Higher

WordPress Version

3.6 or Higher

LearnDash Version

5.6 or Higher

PHP Version

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Add-On Overview & Features

Reject Assignment Submissions

If your students’ work isn’t up to course standards or simply doesn’t satisfy the requirements, you can reject their submissions and ask them to complete the assignment again.

Rejection Notices

When an assignment is rejected students will be notified on the front end, on the assignment section of the corresponding lesson or topic page. An assignment resubmission button will be automatically added.

Rejection Email Notifications

Students will also be informed about the rejected status of their assignment via email. Emails include a link redirecting students to resubmit their assignment.

Allow Assignment Resubmissions

Students with rejected assignment submissions have the opportunity to make up for the course work by resubmitting their assignment using the button on the corresponding lesson or topic page.

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Currently, this feature isn’t available in this add-on.

No, you can’t specify students who will receive emails on rejection. If the email feature is enabled then every student whose assignment will be rejected, will receive the email.

Yes, you can. You have to Reject the assignment and the status will change to “Rejected”.

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