LearnDash Progress Reset

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Version 1.3.3

Last Update 15 March 2021

The LearnDash Progress Reset add-on allows administrators to reset LearnDash progress for courses, users and groups. All existing course data, including the progress of enrolled courses, lessons, attempted quizzes and submitted assignments will be deleted and set back to 0% on selected user accounts.

Features for a Fresh Start

The add-on allows you to reset course progress for a variety of scenarios and configurations on your site. This includes resetting course progress for:

Single User

Perhaps one student has fallen too far behind, or you have an overly ambitious student looking to re-do the course for extra revision! In this case, you can simply revert all completed content to incomplete for all courses a single user is enrolled in.

Multiple Users

To save time, with the LearnDash Progress Reset add-on you can delete progress for all or multiple users on a course at once. Whether you are beta testing a course and want to delete progress for everyone enrolled or have a specific group of students that need to be reset, this add-on will work for you.

Combinations of courses and users

We understand you need flexibility when it comes to course management. Whether a student’s progress only needs to be reset for a specific course or you have a group of students that require a restart on multiple courses – the Add-on gives you the freedom to make the changes that work for you.

Schedule Auto Progress Resets

To save time managing your site by scheduling progress resets for your users to automatically occur on a set period on a specific date and time. You can also select if the reset should repeat and how often resets should be completed.

Unroll Users

Wipe everything away and give your students a true fresh start with the option to unroll users from a course once their progress has been reset.

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What the LearnDash Progress Reset Add-on Offers Students

Recovery from poor performance or possible failure

Struggling students that are failing a course or need additional practice to master course content can benefit from taking a course again. Such a comprehensive review of the course should help students improve their performance.

The chance to get back on track

When students begin to disengage from their learning or abandon the course completely, a progress reset can be a useful tool to get them back on track. By starting the course over, students can revisit the content they may have forgotten, reigniting that spark for learning that may have been lost.

Knowledge that really sticks

Students that found great value in your course might want to go through it again to strengthen knowledge and gain additional practice. Furthermore, some students may want to retake a course as they apply it to practical, real life experience. Resetting progress gives interested students this opportunity.

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