LearnDash Quiz Import/Export

The LearnDash Quiz Import/Export Add-on makes creating and managing quizzes for your online course a breeze! You can instantly export multiple quizzes and questions into a .xls, .xlsx, or JSON format file and import them from a simple spreadsheet template.

Add-On Requirements


Current Version

26 Jul 2023

Last Update

5.8 or higher

WordPress Version

3.6 or higher

LearnDash Version

5.6 or higher

PHP Version

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Add-On Overview & Features

You can quickly create multiple quizzes and questions at once by completing a simple template. Quizzes and Questions can be imported into your site, according to your preferred settings, with few clicks.

Export LearnDash Quizzes With The Click Of A Button

LearnDash Quiz Import Export allows you to export all of your quizzes with a single click. Quiz questions can be downloaded in XLS, XLSX, or JSON formats. Once exported, you can modify or update the file and re-import it into LearnDash LMS using the add-on at any time.

Import Quizzes And Questions From A Simple Template

The add-on allows you to import LearnDash quiz questions from a a .xls, .xlsx, or JSON file format. The template can contain all question types supported by default LearnDash plugin.

LearnDash Advanced Quizzes Support

The add-on supports all LearnDash quiz question types, plus additional questions types available with the LearnDash Advanced Quizzesaddon. Question types that support media, such as images, can also be imported and exported using the add-on.

LearnDash Multi Questions Categories Support

The add-on is compatible with all LearnDash question categories provided by the LearnDash Multi Questions Categories add-on. With this feature, users can easily import and export these categories along with their associated questions using the add-on’s functionalities.

Save Time By Determining Default Settings For Imported Quizzes

LearnDash Quiz Import Export allows you to set default options that are automatically applied during import. You can determine quiz access, quiz progression and front-end display settings for all imported quizzes. You can also select any quiz as an example, so that their settings are applied to imported quizzes.

Export Your Quizzes For Backup And Site Migration

Whether you are looking to create a backup of all your quizzes or reuse previously created quiz questions on another site, you can quickly export all of your quizzes with the click of a button.

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Yes. The add-on supports all questions types present in LearnDash, including the essay question type as well

If changes are made in the excel file, then it will update the quiz. And if the file name is changed, then it will create another quiz with the new name.


This add-on supports the .xls and .xlsx file extension.

The add-on provides a separate page to set all the options available with a LearnDash quiz before import. You can find the page here LD Quiz Import/Export > Import/Export Setting.

The plugin zip file includes a standard XLS template for import. The standard XLS template is located inside the zip file provided with the plugin here, learndash-quiz-import-export > sample-import-files.

To export any quiz you have to go to the Quizzes page under the LearnDash LMS menu. There you will find an Export button in front of every quiz. You can easily export the desired quiz by clicking the Export button in front of it.

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