LearnDash Redis Object Cache

The LearnDash Redis Object Cache add-on uses Redis, memcached and APCu to cache your LearnDash site’s content.

Add-On Requirements


Current Version

22 Aug 2023

Last Update

5.8 or Higher

WordPress Version

3.6 or Higher

LearnDash Version

5.6 or Higher

PHP Version

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Add-On Overview & Features

Using this add-on, you will significantly lower the number of database requests and queries running simultaneously on a page. It serves requested data from object cache, resulting in faster data fetching and page loading times. This add-on is tailored for LearnDash and WooCommerce plugins as it optimizes server’s performance on high traffic.

This add-on seamlessly integrates with Redis Object Cache, the Memcached, or APCu, all of which are freely available. It initially prioritizes Redis and, if detected, operates with it. If Redis isn’t available, it seamlessly transitions to Memcache and, as a final option, utilizes APCu. Activation of these extensions can be facilitated by your hosting provider, or you have the option to manually add the Redis or Memcached into PHP.

Efficient Caching

This add-on employs Redis, Memcached, and APCu Object Cache to speed up page loading. It automatically detects your server’s caching capabilities and configures the optimal caching type for you.

Reduced Queries

By utilizing Object Cache as a data container, this add-on significantly reduces the number of queries executed on each page. This leads to faster page loading times.

High Traffic Optimization

Even during periods of high traffic, this add-on’s Object Cache minimizes the impact on page response times. Your site remains snappy and responsive when it matters most.

One-Click Cache Management

Easily reset and renew the Object Cache with a single click, ensuring your website remains swift and responsive.

Tailored For LearnDash LMS And WooCommerce Plugin

If you use WooCommerce and LearnDash LMS simultaneously, the objects and arrays related to the response time of LearnDash LMS and WooCommerce plugins are added by default in the configuration of add-on’s cache. Similarly, the objects and the arrays of the LearnDash WooCommerce plugins reports are excluded by default.

Exclude Specific Pages And Posts

With the LearnDash Redis Object Cache Add-on, you have the power to exclude any page or post from the caching process, providing you with greater control over your content.

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To avoid getting this error warning, please make sure to enable the Redis Extension that is provided by your hosting provider before using this add-on.

You can still use the add-on, by manually adding the Redis or Memcached into PHP.

The “Flush” button, located on the General tab, resets the Redis Object Cache with a single click.

By default, this plugin caches all the objects if there are no cache groups selected in the excluded groups from the excluded groups settings.

No, this plugin is only for internal applications and caches query data into the object cache.

No, currently cached objects are set to lifetime, you have to manually flush the cache, using the “flush” button, to renew the objects.

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