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Version 1.7.3

Last Update 09 March 2022

The LearnDash Quiz Retake add-on allows your students to retake any quizzes where they don’t achieve a perfect score. A “Restart Quiz” button is displayed after each quiz. During a retake, students are only presented with questions they answered incorrectly on the previous attempt.

Features That Mean Students Can Improve Their Quiz Scores

Offer Quiz Retakes

Offering quiz retakes mean your students have the opportunity to correct their mistakes and improve their quiz scores. Retakes can be enabled for specific courses, lessons, topics, quiz categories and quiz tags.

Restrict Retakes

You’ll have complete control over your quiz retakes and can disable them for selected quizzes, users and groups.

Limit Retake Attempts

Set a limit on how many times your students are able to retake a quiz.

Delay User Retakes

Prevent your students from retaking quizzes repeatedly by setting an amount of time the user must wait between retakes.

Retake Logs

Keep track of your student’s quiz retake activity from the quiz retake logs.

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Improve Your Student’s Performance With Quiz Retakes

Highlights student’s strengths and weaknesses

Struggling students that are failing a course or need additional practice to master course content can benefit from taking a course again. Such a comprehensive review of the course should help students improve their performance.

Implement spaced repetition into your teaching

When students begin to disengage from their learning or abandon the course completely, a progress reset can be a useful tool to get them back on track. By starting the course over, students can revisit the content they may have forgotten, reigniting that spark for learning that may have been lost.

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