LifterLMS BadgeOS Integration

The LifterLMS BadgeOS Integration allows you to easily implement BadgeOS’s gamification elements to your LifterLMS e-learning website.

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Add-on Requirements


Current Version

February 11, 2021

Last Update

5.8 or higher

WordPress Version

3.6 or higher

LearnDash Version

5.6 or higher

PHP Version

Add-on Overview & Features

Award achievements or points to your students for completing course related activities, such as finishing a course or passing a quiz, to create a sense of achievement. Positive gratification will keep your students hooked on the site and engaged with your content.

Using BadgeOS ranks, you can establish a hierarchy for your students. For example, students that enroll in more courses or perform best on your courses can be assigned a higher rank. As a result, your students will be motivated to take action in order to achieve a better status on the site.

Award achievements

You can award badges or achievements to your students when they are actively participating on your site or when they reach a learning milestone.

Award ranks

Assign different ranks to create a hierarchy your students can move up through as they progress through lessons, quizzes, courses and memberships.

Award points

Allow your students to earn points for completing diverse course related activities.

Boost student engagement

You can select any of the following triggers to award achievements, points and ranks to your students:

  • Completing a quiz

  • Getting a minimum % grade on a quiz

  • Failing a quiz

  • Passing a quiz

  • Completing a section

  • Completing a lesson

  • Completing a course

  • Completing a course from a tag

  • Completing a course from a category

  • Completing a course from a difficulty

  • Enrolling in a course

  • Completing a course track

  • Purchasing a course

  • Purchasing a membership

  • Purchasing an access plan

  • Joining a membership level

  • Joining a membership level from a tag

  • Joining a membership level from a category

  • Creating a new account

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