WooCommerce Browser Notify

WooCommerce Browser Notify allows you to send notifications after your users complete specific actions through an alert popup. You can select specific WooCommerce actions to act as triggers for the alerts, which can be fully customized using the WordPress editor.


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Add-on Requirements

Current Version
29 July 2022
Last Update

5.8 or higher

WordPress Version

6.0 or higher

WooCommerce Version

5.6 or higher

PHP Version

Add-on Overview & Features

Unlimited popup templates

You can create as many popup templates as you want to display on the front end.

Associate popups with specific WooCommerce actions

You can associate any popup with a specific action completed on your WooCommerce site. You can also associate popups with browser actions like “on open window” OR “on scroll”.

Perfectly time your pop-up alerts

Select how many seconds should pass before the popup to appears on the page.

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