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WooCommerce Product Tabs Plus

WooCommerce Product Tabs Plus (WPTP) is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool for creating, showcasing, hiding, and managing tabs for your WooCommerce Products. These tabs can contain any content you wish and be added to your single product page.

Add-On Requirements


Current Version

07 Dec 2023

Last Update

5.8 or Higher

WordPress Version

6.0 or higher

WooCommerce Version

5.6 or Higher

PHP Version

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Add-On Overview & Features

Product Tabs

Determine where you want to showcase the tabs you create, including on all products, specific products, or specific product categories and tags.

Use Tabs For Limited Time Only

You can choose for how long you want to display your custom WooCommerce Product tabs.

Selectively Hide Tabs

The WooCommerce Product Tabs Plus add-on also allows the site admin to hide any of the tabs you create from a specific product page.

Customizable Tab Content

WooCommerce Product Tabs Plus supports all WooCommerce shortcodes and has an editor with a media upload option, allowing you to display the content of your choice on your newly created tabs.

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Why Are Not All Of My Global Tabs Being Displayed Under The Product Edit Screen?
It’s probably because you have cloned/drafted a global tab from the Global Tabs table listing. When you clone, the unique field ID of the tab remains the same and as it is no longer unique it will fail to be listed in the Global Tabs on the product edit screen. To make sure a new (unique) Field ID is generated, always use the “Add new” button to create new tabs.
I Have Mistakenly Deleted My Tab. How Can I Get It Back?
Deletion only happens at the HTML DOM level within the Product backend page i.e. it is a soft delete that does not remove the data from the database until you save the Product. So if you delete one accidentally, you can just refresh the page and have it back.
Why Are Some Of My Tabs Not Being Displayed On The Front End?
The Tab title is a required field for all tabs. If you leave it blank the tab will not be displayed on the front end.
Can I Modify The Default WooCommerce Tabs, Like Reviews, And Description?
No, the plugin only manages its own Tabs.

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