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    I can’t make my course are buying just with point (i have learndash/ buddy boss/ BadgeOS/ BadgeOS LearnDash Gateway )
    Enter BadgeOS points to buy this course. Applicable when “Course Price Type” is set to “Buy Now” : It”s a message in learndash when you choose your point price for course. But when your price course is on ‘buy now you you need’ to put a price., If not or price course is on 0, automaticly course go on open or free! or if i put the same price than point badgeos price it’s didn’t work….

    – Have you got an idea how i can put badgeos point price to buy my course in place of paypal payment?
    – Can we show point price in place of classic price in learndash course box?

    Really thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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