Did you know that 61% of CEOs and other senior executives take daily game breaks at work?

The reason for that is pretty simple: they say they play during work to feel more productive. Here is some more hard data: the amount of gamers in the world has reached 1.8 billion and since Generation Z is about to hit the market, this number is going to grow incredibly fast.

This makes gamification not simply a popular trend but a strategic step to keep your students engaged and motivated, make them come back to your website and buy your courses again and again. “Gamification is 75% Psychology and 25% Technology,” says Gabe Zichermann, co-author of the book “Gamification by Design”. Here at WooNinjas we decided to cover these 25% for you and create an add-on that will supercharge your LearnDash courses with exciting features of MyCred.

Now LearnDash has a head spinning new interface for rewarding your students with these key triggers and actions:


  1. Course/lesson/topic completion
  2. Quiz passed or failed
  3. Quiz scored with a minimum % grade


  1. Award myCred points for multiple myCRED point types (including the custom point types)
  2. Apply settings globally or for each course/lesson/topic/quiz
  3. Add a quiz score multiplier for myCRED points
  4. Choose whether to award points only one time or repeatedly on same trigger

Let’s now dive deeper into each feature and see how you can set them up and make your courses more fun and engaging.

Grant myCRED Points Globally

We know you want to save some time so we added an option which makes it possible to apply global changes to all courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes with just a few clicks. Once you install the plugin, just go ahead and make a few simple steps:

  • navigate to Points -> Hooks;
  • find LearnDash widget under Available Hooks for each one of your myCRED point types;
  • drag and drop this widget to the Active Hooks section.

Grant myCRED Points Locally

Straight out-of-the-box, the add-on allows you to set the amount of points to award students for every course, lesson, topic, and quiz completion through a simple meta box:

Quiz Score Multiplier

Have you ever struggled with making your plugin or add-on match the unique grading system that you designed for your students? If so, we included something that would take your worries away: There is an additional field available at Points -> LearnDash page called Quiz score multiplier. For example, if instead of granting 10 myCRED points as the quiz score points, you want your student to receive 100 of myCRED points for scoring 10 points in a LearnDash quiz, you just need to key in 10 and save the changes:

Here you can also delete all points your students earned through LearnDash actions, allow students to earn points for repeated attempts of the same LearnDash action (by default it will award points only once), and configure your license settings.

So what are you waiting for! Go ahead and add some new game-changing features to make your students love your courses even more.

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