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Focus your resources on what matters the most, creating new products and growing your business, and hire a WordPress plugin developer to handle support for your WordPress plugins.

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There’s more to a successful WordPress plugin than just development.

No matter how functional and well-tested a plugin is, it’s inevitable to predict bugs, issues and incompatibilities in all possible environments.

Not if but when your plugin fails, support becomes the main focus. Delivering a quick and effective resolution in these situations is what will ultimately determine your customers’ satisfaction and your product’s success.

Why Should You Partner with An External Support Team?

What Our Customers Have To Say

The WooNinjas Support Experience

Being WordPress plugin developers ourselves, we understand that the customer is the core of your business. Why should you hire us as your WordPress plugin developer? We started developing add-ons and plugins around 3 years ago and it has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. After many ups and downs, we have developed a carefully designed proprietary process and built an amazing support team we’re proud of.
We know that offering and providing support for your plugins is not easy.

Failing to implement the perfect system might just mean losing the entire business.

As plugin developers, we recognize a good product when we see it. We hate seeing amazing products not reach their true potential because they can’t figure out support. Therefore, we have decided to add ‘Product Support’ to our list of services as we would love to be able to support the products that we love and believe in.

There is a catch though

Our team can only take a very few selected projects. We are passionate about the projects we take on and collaborate with our clients on the long term. As much as we would love to scale, we don’t want to rush that. Instead, we are looking to stand by a project we love and offer the best quality support.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Our Support Team

Expert WordPress Developers

Work with a team of experienced WordPress plugin developers that will get to know your plugins and add-ons inside out to provide the most effective support.

Happy Customers

Our efficient communication skills and timely, well-crafted responses help us keep your customers happy

Valuable Insights

By directly interacting with your customers we can provide valuable insights and data to help you improve your plugins and grow your business.

Passionate Service

We only support plugins we love and stand for. Therefore, you can be certain that we’ll be pushing for your plugin to succeed as passionately as you are.

What does Support as a Service include


Setting up internal support processes

This includes integration between your support app with our existing support process. Our tool of preference is HelpScout, however, we’re ready to implement the processes using the tool that works best for you.


Responding to customers via chat and ticket system

Our average response rate is less than 24 hours and our team is available from 8am to 8pm ET Monday through Friday. Our teams resolves almost 50% of cases on a first reply that definitely contributes to the overall customer satisfaction level and reduction in refund requests.


Writing documentation and recording tutorial videos

Not only will our team take care of customers’ queries but will also make sure that customers learn how to set up the plugin and troubleshoot the issues themselves. This will make your product well documented and will decrease the load on the support team – win-win for everyone!


Integrating with your development and product team

We will work on aligning the processes between your development team to make sure customers’ issues are addressed faster. Since our support team is on the forefront of the company, we will also make sure that we’re close communication with your product team and that the voice of your customer is heard.

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