In last couple of years open source community has reached to the heights of fame and the reason behind this is very simple, all open source programs are free and you don’t need any licenses for such software or plugins. WooCommerce is also an open source e-commerce plugin and in last 2-3 years it has become the favorite plugin of e-commerce website owners and web developers too. It was launched back in September 2011 by BubbleStorm Management, the basic idea behind woocommerce was to give ease of online store / e-commerce setup for Small to Medium size Businesses.

From its launch till date, more than 1 million online stores/retailers have embraced WooCommerce plugin. According to different stats websites WooCommerce now empowers is more than 30% of all e-commerce websites globally and in US this percentage is far ahead. WooCommerce offers some amazing e-commerce features which allow you to setup your store more easily without compromising on design or any other features. Which means your store will be full of e-commerce features, as well as attractive and user-friendly.

Optimized speed with customized themes which don’t take too much time to load and also don’t use too much RAM or bandwidth. So, your visitor can easily scroll through and flip through pages and can easily scan whole website without having their patience tested. This in return helps you to grab more visitors, because people like, share and recommend those websites which they feel are user-friendly. According to Kissmetrics:

“40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load”, that is the reason speed optimization of a website is really essential.

WooCommerce has left behind many other E-Commerce platforms like Joomla, VirtueMart etc. Here are some reasons, why WooCommerce is performing far better than many other E-Commerce platforms or plugins:

Website Design and Personalization

You need to be done a lot in platforms like VirtueMart or VirtueMart2 to create a design that can satisfy your visitors need. While in WooCommerce you really don’t need to worry about design because it gives you full control over your website and you can easily customize your webpage and can easily execute the ideas exactly the way you want without the hassle of having a sound technical guy on board.

Shipping Addresses

Platforms like Joomla don’t allow users or developers to edit shipping addresses and it is really a big hurdle for customers and website owners. WooCommerce enables you to add, edit or save all information about customers, so you and your customer don’t experience any difficulty.

Plugin Support

A large number of free and premium plugins support is offered by WooCommerce while VirtueMart 2 never offered such support for plugins. Another plus point of WooCommerce is, most of the essential plugins are already a part of the dashboard, so you really don’t need to go and search each and every plugin.

Undoubtedly WooCommerce is one of the best E-Commerce solution, with multiple features and easy to use. You really don’t need to worry about most of the things because woocommerce has accommodated most of features and plugins in the dashboard already. These are the reasons that more than 1 million online retailers have embraced woocommerce plugin as their E-Commerce platform.