LearnDash Advanced Quizzes

LearnDash Advanced Quizzes
LearnDash Advanced Quizzes add-on adds new features in the LearnDash. This plugin offers additional question types i.e Jumbled Sentence, Swipe questions and Calculated Formula questions. New features include negative marking for quiz questions, different time limits for each question and option to save and resume quiz.


The LearnDash Advanced Quizzes add-on is created to enhance the functionalities Learndash quizzes. It allows you to create quizzes that are more user-friendly by applying a time limit to each question and save and resume functionality to the quiz.

LearnDash Advanced Quizzes Features:

  • Option to add jumbled questions types
  • Option to add calculated formula questions types
  • Option to add Swipe question types
  • Option to enable/disable time limit for each question
  • Option to set different time limits for each questions
  • Option to enable/disable save quiz answer data
  • Option to enable/disable resume quiz
  • Option to set limits, how many time students can save/resume the quiz questions
  • Option to enable/disable negative marking for the quiz questions
  • Option to set the points for each questions that would be deducted on giving wrong answer

New Question Types:

    • Jumbled Sentence: It allows you to create a question having a dropdown containing values. The values are coming from a variable.
    • Swipe Question: It allows you to create a question that is determined correct and incorrect by a swipe. Swipe the correct slide to the right and incorrect slide to left. You can create this question with either images, text and both.
    • Calculated Formula: This question is better for math problems. it allows changing the value of the item by a variable.

Time Limit:

You can set the time limit to each question or set it to “0” for no limit. By doing this you can let your students understand the difficult question by allowing him/her a specific time.

Save & Resume:

By enabling this option your students can save the quiz whenever he/she wants and it will save all the previously answered questions and will show it when user resume the quiz on the return. You can also set the resume limit to a specific quiz.

Negative Marking:

Negative points can be set to each question and on giving the incorrect answer to that question will reduce the points from the quiz.


Version 1.11

WooNinjas team

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Last Update: 17 September 2020

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