LearnDash Buddy Up
With the LearnDash Buddy Up add-on, you can let your users create Buddy Up Groups. Within these groups, the individuals who have registered to the course can have discussions regarding the course.


The LearnDash Buddy Up add-on gives you the authority of letting users of the same course create groups. These groups will be primarily there to create a classroom-like environment for the students by allowing them to socialize amongst their peers. The groups will also let them hold discussions regarding their course.

For an admin, the LearnDash Buddy Up add-on is effortless to set up and manage. As far as management is concerned, the admin can control the number of individuals in a group. By default, there are only two slots available, but an admin can reset the upper limit of the chat groups.

The group can be set up by your users themselves. Upon being enrolled to a course, an option to Buddy Up will show up. If they select the choice, they will be able to create a group with another member who has registered to the course. The add-on will let the students of a particular course to “Buddy Up”.

The LearnDash Buddy Up add-on is there to make your e-learning platform engaging. The classroom experience will not only help them stay motivated but will also keep them determined to finish up their course and take on the next one.

Kindly note:

  • At a time, your users will only be part of one group per course. This will ensure a better management of Buddy Up groups.
  • The admin can not view the content of a group chat unless they are members of one themselves.
  • Before downloading the Learndash Buddy Up add-on, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of LearnDash plugin (v 2.6.3) if you have not done so previously.


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