Learndash Course Management System

LearnDash Course Management System
With the LearnDash Course Management System, you can schedule courses, lessons, topics and quizzes. The addon also lets you manage the display status of your events by giving you the option of showing or hiding them from the calendar. Managing your LearnDash events has never been easier!


Learndash Course Management System add-on enables you to schedule courses on your e-learning platform. With the addon, an admin will be able to set a timetable for events like courses, lessons, topics and quizzes, etc. on a calendar. As a result, you will now not only be able to keep track of your events, but you will also be able to manage your time and resources by communicating their schedules.

The Learndash Course Management System add-on, amongst other things, also features the course show/hide feature. You will now be able to choose the period for which classes display to users. Furthermore, you can manage the access your users have to your content similarly. 

After hiding an event, the admin will have an option of displaying custom-made text in their place.

Additionally, the add-on also provides its users with the following features:

  • Show courses/lessons/topics/quizzes on specific dates
  • Hide courses/lessons/topics/quizzes on specific dates
  • Show courses/lessons/topics from specific category/tag
  • Hide courses/lessons/topics from specific category/tag
  • Drag and drop courses on calendar UI
  • Show courses/lessons/topics/quizzes for a specific period
  • Hide courses/lessons/topics/quizzes for a specific period
  • Option to exclude users from scheduling
  • Option to exclude user roles from scheduling
  • Admin can add multiple courses on the same date
  • Admin can add the same course on multiple dates
  • A course is removable from the calendar through the cross button available on the course.
  • The admin can view previous courses added to the calendar as they show up on the calendar afterwards.
  • A course that is scheduled to not show on a specific date will display a message about the unavailability of the course
  • The admin can change frontend messages from the setting’s page.

LearnDash Course Management System addon is primarily designed for you. It is developed to help you manage your LearnDash LMS courses and the access level of your users. With an efficient control over your LMS, you will increase user acquisition and drive your sales up. 


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If you have any questions about this addon, feel free to post in our public forum. You may also find answers to questions posted by other users. To read the addon FAQs, you can see the docs section.