LifterLMS BadgeOS Integration
This addon offers a great combination of achievement and enagement features with the Learning Management System. It provides the integration between the two best enagagement and LMS plugins that is “BadgeOS” and “LifterLMS”.


LifterLMS BadgeOS Integration add-on offers a combination of features between two of the most popular plugins. The engagement and achievement BadgeOS plugin with the e-learning LifterLMS plugin. It helps the users to keep excited and engaged with the LMS activities.

Following are the triggers provided by the LifterLMS BadgeOS Integration:

  • Quiz Completed
  • Minimum % Grade On A Quiz
  • Fails Quiz
  • Student Passes A Quiz
  • Student Completes A Section
  • Completed Lesson
  • Completed Course
  • Completed Course From A Tag
  • Completed Course From A Category
  • Completed Course From A Difficulty
  • User Enrolled In Course
  • Course Track Completed
  • User Purchases The Course
  • User Purchases The Membership
  • Access Plan Purchased
  • Added To The Membership Level
  • Added To The Membership Level From Tag
  • Added To The Membership Level From Category
  • Student Creates A New Account

You can use the above triggers to award the achievements and badges based on LifterLMS activities. LifterLMS quiz score can also be awarded as the BadgeOS points if enabled from the settings.


Version 1.0

WooNinjas team

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