Concerts, workshops, webinars, you name it! Events are a lucrative business. But people are no longer making lines at a booth to score their tickets. Like every other industry, e-commerce has revolutionized the way we sell and market events, with most event tickets available with the click of a button.

So, how can you jump on modernity’s bandwagon and sell your event tickets online? 

The options are endless.

If convenience is a priority, one alternative is to list your event on a  third-party ticket marketplace. However, these platforms also charge hefty commissions on ticket sales and will ultimately eat away from your profits.

Another option is to sell and promote your gigs using your own website. All you have to do is put on your big boy (or girl) pants and set up your own domain using an eCommerce platform that supports event ticket sales. 

One of the best options to consider is using WooCommerce and WordPress. Not only is WooCommerce free, well documented, and compatible with hundreds of extensions, but it is also backed by a huge community of users and WooCommerce development experts.

Sound good? In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to start selling event tickets with WooCommerce.

How to sell events on WooCommerce?

You can sell all things with WooCommerce, from physical products and online courses to services and event tickets. While WooCommerce doesn’t come with a “ticket” or “event” product option built-in, you can easily set up event ticket sales using one of the many WooCommerce extensions available. This allows you to take advantage of all of WooCommerce’s core features as well as the variety of extensions, themes and payment gateways available for the platform.

The Best WooCommerce Extensions for Events

The Events Calendar – Event Tickets Plus

With the Events Tickets Plus plugin, you can create tickets directly from your WordPress dashboard and sell them on your online store through its Woocommerce integration.

Create Event Tickets 

The plugin makes it easy for you to create event tickets using a customizable ticket template. Tickets have their own price, stock, and SKU. You can also create different types of tickets for a single event, allowing you to set up a tiered system for your event. 

Furthermore, the plugin allows you to select the dates when ticket sales open and close and enables customers to keep track of ticket availability with its automatic ticket count feature. 

woocommerce events plugin

Ticket Delivery

Once tickets are purchased, customers have the option to print out their tickets or use the Event Ticket Plus app to check in to the event using a QR code.

Ticket Management

Even once your event is over, you can take advantage of the plugin by generating insightful reports on event attendee and ticket sale data. Additionally, you get access to the following ticketing management features:

  • Manual attendee addition
  • Customizable registration forms
  • Automatic ticket confirmations for your users
  • Showcase a list of event attendees anywhere on your site using a shortcode

display event attendees with woocommerce

Virtual Events

While this plugin doesn’t support the sale of virtual event tickets by default, using their Virtual Events add-on. you can start selling tickets for Zoom and Webex events and even create hybrid events. Attendees are only able to access event links after completing their purchase, which you can set to remain hidden until moments before the event starts. 

Price: $99 per year for one site + $69 per year for the Virtual Events add-on

YITH Event Tickets for WooCommerce

The YITH Event Tickets for WooCommerce plugin provides you with all the features you might need to sell and manage your event ticket sales online.

Create event tickets 

All you have to do to start selling event tickets with WooCommerce is create an event and enter its information using this extension. You can add different ticket types, the number of tickets, and optional services to offer (such as parking or food) to each event.

woocommerce events product

You can even set up pricing tiers and increase ticket prices based on the number of tickets left at the time of purchase or on the number of days left before the event.

Ticket Management

The YITH Event Tickets extension allows you the manage the entire ticketing process by:

  • Enabling you to set the ticket stock quantity;
  • Automatically updating stock after each purchase;
  • Allowing you to customize registration forms to collect specific data from attendees;
  • Track all the tickets sold directly from your WordPress Dashboard;
  • Remove or hide an expired event automatically;
  • View the event organizers and attendee list on the event’s details page.

Ticket delivery

Your customers have the option to download and print their tickets or get their tickets physically delivered.

In the case of virtual tickets, the plugin will generate a PDF after each purchase which users can download directly from their account on your WooCommerce store. Users also receive an automatic email after their purchase including their tickets as an attachment 

If physical tickets are offered, shipping will be added to the price and delivery is handled as it is for other WooCommerce physical products.

Price: $ 99.99 per year

WooCommerce Box Office

Another option to sell tickets on WooCommerce and avoid using third-party services is using the WooCommerce Box Office extension.

Create event tickets

Using this WooCommerce extension, you will be able to select “ticket” as a product type in order to easily sell event access on your WooCommerce store. 

woocommerce ticket product type

You can select which data fields will be required for the purchase of each ticket and enable or disable the option to allow customers to print their tickets at home. From the Ticket Printing options, you’ll be able to customize your tickets’ design and determine what specific ticket-holder information and data fields are displayed on the ticket. 

For more advanced event management features, you can take advantage of the integration with the WooCommerce Order Barcodes extension to print a unique barcode within your customer’s ticket.

Ticket Management

The WooCommerce Box Office extension offers several features that make managing your event’s ticket sales, such as these ones:

  • The bulk-email feature allows you to contact all ticket-holders at once in order to conveniently deliver important announcements about your events.
  • The coupon code features allow you to offer special incentives to partners, sponsors, or specific ticket buyers.
  • Individual ticket limits allow you to keep more control over each type of ticket’s sales, helping you to avoid overselling an event.
  • CSV Reports help you gather data on ticket sales and ticket-holders.
  • The search feature allows you to best filter through event data to find attendees by name, ticket ID, email or even company.
  • Custom sign-up form fields allow you to collect the most important information about your event’s attendees.

Price: 129.00 per year

FooEvents for WooCommerce 

FooEvents for WooCommerce allows you to sell event tickets using WooCommerce by adding event-related options to standard WooCommerce products.

Create Event Tickets

foo events purchase event tickets on woocommerce

With FooEvents you can easily create tickets using WooCommerce. All you have to do is create a WooCommerce Product, like any other, and use the extension’s event tab to configure and sell your event ticket. If you are selling tiered access to your event, you can also create different ticket types as product variations. Plus, each ticket type can have its own stock amount, price, and eligible discounts.

If necessary, you can set an expiration date or time frame for your tickets.

In terms of design, the Foo Events extension allows you to fully customize the look of your ticket with the colors, logos, graphics, and content of your choice. For additional convenience, you’ll have over 20 different ticket themes at your disposal, allowing you to give your tickets a professional look at no additional cost.

Ticket Delivery

Tickets are virtually delivered automatically by email. All you have to do is make set your product as  “Virtual” and “Downloadable” in WooCommerce so that tickets will be sent as soon as payment is processed and received. 

However, you can also use the FooEvents PDF Tickets extension, sold for $39 or included in one of their bundles,  to generate and attach tickets as PDFs. These tickets can easily be downloaded directly from “My Account” page and printed out by event attendees. 

Ticket Management

Foo Events can help make ticket management and event check-ins a breeze thanks to its built-in barcode and QR code feature. All tickets include a unique barcode or QR code used for checking in using the extension’s own check-in app. Tickets can also be scanned from a computer using a barcode scanner and the FooEvents Express Check-in extension. Plus, if the need were to arise, individual ticket barcodes or QR codes can be disabled at any time.

Other convenient ticket management features include:

  • Foo Events Reports allow you to view data about event revenue, the number of tickets sold, attendee check-ins and available tickets.
  • The extension allows you to generate and export a list of event attendees to facilitate event management.
  • If needed, you can manually resend individual tickets or bulk send tickets to a group of attendees.

Price: 129.00 per year + (optional 39 USD for PDF extension with the option for bundle purchases)

Should you sell event tickets with WooCommerce?

While there are many marketplaces and third-party services for selling event tickets out there, there are many advantages to handling ticket sales on your own. 

Like for any other business, it all comes down to dollars and cents. WooCommerce eliminates the need to pay commissions or fees on your ticket sales which makes it an immediate winner in our book. If you’re serious about selling event tickets paying about a hundred bucks for a WooCommerce extension is far more convenient than sharing your profits on every single ticket sale with a third party.

Another benefit of setting up a WooCommerce store for your events is the great control it gives you over the sales process. From deciding how your customers get their hands on tickets to obtaining sales and attendance reports, there’s little you can’t do. Additionally, you get to customize the look of your website and event landing pages, integrate your branding into your site and even choose which payment gateways you want to use for processing payments.

woocommerce meme

Plus, by running on WordPress, your WooCommerce store is also an ideal space to connect with your target audience, allowing you to share resources and important information through a blog, communicate through forums, and much more.

The Bottomline on WooCommerce Events

There are many pros to selling your events through WooCommerce, including greater control over your customers’ experience, total ownership over your profits, and the possibility of greater exposure through blogging and SEO tactics that can be applied on your own website. in this article, we looked into plenty of options that will allow you to sell tickets to your events on WooCommerce easily and conveniently. However, if you need more help setting up your WooCommerce store, selecting the best WooCommerce extensions, or customizing your online store, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of WooCommerce Development experts.