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We Designed A Custom Student Onboarding Funnel For A Multilingual Membership E-Learning Platform


Design a custom approval-based membership registration process to control access to purchase different groups of online courses.

Offer translation for online course content and location-based pricing in order to adapt to the platform’s diverse audience.


An online education provider needed a unique platform for its community, where only their basic group of courses could be purchased openly by any user.
Due to the nature of their course offering, additional course groups could only be purchased by students that are granted approval to enroll, after submitting certain documentation. These group enrollments would also have access discounted pricing.
Furthermore, LearnDash courses had to be presented in several languages and offered with different pricing based on location, in order to efficiently reach an international audience.

Our Tech Stack

Our Solution

Custom Enrollments

We customized the user enrollment and purchase process so that regular users are only able to access to the basic group of courses. In order to purchase the other two tiers or groups of courses, users are required to upload a file with their documentation and submit their request for approval.

Site admins can then review the documentation and manually approve users from the backend in order to complete the purchase and enrollment process.

Customized Pricing

Our team used custom development for the  WooCommerce plugin, in order to sell different memberships, by showcasing different prices based on geographical location.

We added a feature on the backend that enabled administrators to set different membership prices for different countries. Then we customized the site to display different prices based on the user’s IP.

Online Course Translation

We installed, configured, and implemented WPML in order to translate the website and online course content.


We extended student reports to include time tracking for each user so that site administrators can monitor how much time is spent on each course.

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