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Dive into the realm of eLearning excellence with the help of our expert ninjas. Unleash the power of the best WordPress learning management systems to create top-level online learning experiences. Our team leverages cutting-edge technology to build customized eLearning solutions and build online course websites from scratch, catapulting your organization to the top of the class.  Are you ready to achieve training greatness with our eLearning ninja experts?


Join forces with our eCommerce ninjas, the ultimate e-commerce gurus. We’ll stealthily optimize your online store for maximum conversions, build you a stunning online store from scratch, enhance your shopping experience with the best eCommerce and marketing features and protect your online fortress with top of the line security. Let us give your online business an edge in the battle for digital supremacy.


Elevate your digital domain with our membership site ninja masters. Harness the power of exclusive communities and content, driving engagement and retention to ninja-like levels. Paid Memberships Pro, Restrict Content Pro, Memberpress, and more! Let us help you create a business while growing a stronghold of loyal members.


Forge powerful online communities with our ninja network architects. We design, cultivate, and nurture thriving digital tribes where your users connect, learn, and flourish. Our community-building ninjas are here to transform passive users into active participants and brand advocates, using the best WordPress community solutions in the market.


Our WordPress Sensei services are guided by the wisdom of ninja developers and range from professional custom development projects to bulletproof security optimization. With a decade of experience providing professional WordPress services, we can craft, optimize, and maintain your WordPress stronghold with precision and stealth. Your website’s security, speed, and functionality will become unbeatable, backed by our vigilant WordPress ninjas.

Custom Plugins

Seeking the extraordinary? Our custom plugin ninja wizards weave code into magic. With tailored plugins that enhance your WordPress site’s functionality, you’ll have secret weapons in your digital arsenal. Unleash the full potential of your website with our plugin development ninjas.

Our Ninja Squad

The Faces Behind the Mastery

WooNinjas emerged from the demand for a specialized team dedicated to delivering unparalleled WordPress custom development solutions to global online businesses. We understand that your online presence is a cornerstone of your success, and we are here to elevate it to new heights.

After mastering the art of WooCommerce, we applied the same market-driven, client-oriented approach to LearnDash, EasyDigitalDownloads, TutorLMS, Paid Memberships Pro and more. We further expanded our services, including WordPress security optimization and website maintenance plans, based on our clients’ needs.

However, we never lost our Ninja focus as we expanded our offerings, and that’s why you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that knows WordPress like we do.
Our seasoned team comprises content and project managers, developers, and designers, all driven by a singular mission – your website. We take the hassle out of building, configuring, managing, and scaling your WordPress site, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.
Discover the WooNinjas difference, where excellence in WordPress is our promise, and your success is our mission.

Welcome to WooNinjas – Your All-in-one WordPress Agency

Crafting Success, Ninja-Style

How We Work



The Discovery stage is where our Project Management masterminds gather around the virtual dojo to chart your project. We start by having a one-on-one to meticulously analyze your objectives, study your businesses in details and walk you through the process of working together. If you already have a site, we will audit it thoroughly so we can know what we’re working with  and if you are starting from scratch, we will collect requirements with great detail in order to create the functional document of the scope. Whether you decide to move forward with the project with us or not, you will have a valuable project scope and action plan to look back to over time.


Figma To WordPress

With a battle plan in hand, our design ninjas emerge to craft the visual masterpiece that will set your project apart. The Design stage is where creativity and functionality intertwine, ensuring that your project not only looks stunning but also operates with ninja-like efficiency. We will use Figma to create mockups and work with you through revisions to make sure we get the look of your website, plugin or customization project just right.



Next, we’ll work on professionally configuring any tools that will be required on your website. From installation and general settings, to the nitty gritty, we’ll take care of all of the tedious back-end work and ensure everything is working like a well-oiled machine. We will also make sure that all plugins and add-ons on your sites work well together, avoiding conflicts from the start.



As the blueprint is set, our coding ninjas step onto the battlefield, translating your vision into a functional, robust solution. Like stealthy shadow warriors, our developers work tirelessly behind the scenes, building the full feature-set of your project. Each line of code is a carefully calculated move, to ensure efficiency, functionality and performance.


Quality Assurance

Before any ninja mission is considered complete, it undergoes rigorous testing and scrutiny. Our Quality Assurance team takes the helm at this stage, scrutinizing every detail, feature, and function of your project. They are the gatekeepers of perfection, ensuring that your project is free from bugs and operates flawlessly. With their watchful eyes, they guarantee that every element meets the highest standards.



The final act of our saga is the Deployment stage. Here, your project is set free into the digital battlefield. Our WordPress development ninjas ensure that your creation is seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure or newly launched into the world with a bang.

Our Latest Add-Ons

New Releases, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, And More Written By our WordPress Plugin Development and Power User Team For Everyone.

LearnDash User List

Effortlessly manage and view course user details, both on the front-end and back-end, with the LearnDash User List add-on.

WooCommerce Product Filters

The Woocommerce Product Filters extension improves your customers’ shopping experience by allowing them to intuitively filter their searches by price, stock status, product category, and more.

LearnDash Student Notifications

Keep your students engaged and active on your site! The LearnDash Student Notification add-on enables you to send notifications based on each student’s course activity automatically.

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