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Professional WordPress Customization & Consultation.

We know it’s not easy to find a reliable WordPress expert at a price you can afford. We have a hand-picked team of professional, reliable, experienced and FRIENDLY experts.
We call them, WooNinjas!

Why Choose WooNinjas For WordPress Theme Customization & Development?

WooNinjas was born out of the need for a specialized WordPress team that has zero learning curve and can provide the most optimal solutions for your WooCommerce websites. We have since copied over the same model to several other plugins, including LearnDash, EasyDigitalDownloads, BadgeOS and more.

Our resident experts, who we call Ninjas, take one plugin at a time with a laser focused approach, whether it is simply configuration or creating a new addon from scratch, we guarantee the fastest turn around time.

We are now also leveraging our rock solid support process to offer support for other plugins and have created a few products of our own as well.

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Latest Plugins Release

BadgeOS LearnDash Gateway

With this add-on, your user can redeem their remaining BadgeOS points. These points can be used to make purchases on LearnDash LMS, for example, purchasing courses, unlocking drip feed feature, etcetera.


BadgeOS EDD Integration

The BadgeOS EDD Integration addon fuses BadgeOS with a famous e-commerce plugin, Easy Digital Downloads. It lets you award achievements to your users after they have made a purchase on your site.


Learndash myCRED Leaderboard

This addon lets you create a leaderboard on your WordPress site, helping you to set up a competitive environment for your users. You can compare their progress and award points or badges for accomplishing goals.


LearnDash myCRED integration addon

This addon integrates the point management features offered by myCRED with LearnDash to enable site-administrators reward their users with myCRED points on specific LearnDash triggers and actions.


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