WooCommerce With LearnDash

WooCommerce With LearnDash

Integrate WooCommerce with LearnDash and get the best of the eLearning and eCommerce worlds! Let’s set up the perfect platform for you to create, sell and market your online courses.

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Why use WooCommerce With LearnDash?

LearnDash is a great tool to offer online courses to your students. However, the options it provides regarding payment processing, checkout optimization, and upsells are limited. WooCommerce is the perfect solution to this problem.

WooCommerce is a free, open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It helps you sell anything, beautifully – including online courses. Paired with LearnDash, WooCommerce provides educators with a robust platform to market their online courses while taking advantage of advanced eCommerce features.


LearnDash and WooCommerce - an unbeatable duo for running an e-learning business on WordPress.

Here are some of the features we can help you configure using WooCommerce:


Checkout flow

We’ll help you optimize the checkout process, making the process of purchasing courses as quick and easy as possible.


Online store

We’ll help you set up a storefront where you can sell everything from additional products, ebooks, and bookings for private tutoring, and help you build a ful-fledged eLearning business.


My account

Give your students access to their own customer account page where they can keep track of all of their purchases and payments.


Payment gateways

Maximize convenience by allowing your students to purchase your courses however they prefer with additional payment gateway options.


Varied business models

Thinking about selling your courses as a bundle? What about selling a bundle of courses and course-related products or even a course subscription service? Everything’s possible with WooCommerce and our team of “woo” ninjas.

The WooNinjas LearnDash WooCommerce Integration experience

It’s undeniable that WooCommerce can dramatically upgrade the purchase experience for students enrolling in your courses, giving you maximum flexibility when designing the buyer’s journey. All that said, with more configuration options comes more complexity.

Even if the sky’s the limit for WooCommerce and LearnDash, setting up the exact features that you desire can be very time-consuming and a bit daunting for those that are less tech-savvy.

That’s where our WooCommerce ninjas come in!


Installation and configuration

We’ll help you set-up your elearning business on the back-end with everything your need to both create and sell online courses. Our team of experts has years of experience working with WooCommerce and LearnDash and will make sure both your LMS and your eCommerce features are perfectly configured to run smoothly together.


Product Configuration

We’ll help you set up your online courses as products, configuring them in the way that suits your business and your students the best. Whether you want to offer payment plans, course subscriptions and memberships, or bundle your courses with other courses or products, we have your back!


WooCommerce Extensions

As the leading WordPress solution, you can find a WooCommerce extension for nearly anything! Whether you are looking to integrate a solution to build sales funnels, add additional shipping options, modify product pages or customize registration forms on your site, we’ll help you find the best tools and configure them on your site.



Looking for something that’s not already out there? Worry not! We’ll build it for you. With dozens of WooCommerce and LearnDash add-ons and hudnreds of eLearning websites under our belts, rest assured we can tailor your LearnDash with WooCommerce website for any use and scenario you can imagine.


Website Design

We’ll apply custom WordPress design throughout your site to make sure your every inch of your site, be it eLearning or eCommerce, is stunning and professional. We build sites that both accurately represent your brand and appeal to your audience of students.

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