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Moodle To LearnDash Migration

Take the stress out of LMS migration. We’ll help you migrate your Moodle LMS-hosted site into LearnDash quickly and efficiently while protecting all of your content and data!

Moodle to LearnDash Migration

Easily Migrate Your Moodle Courses To LearnDash

Full site migration

Easily migrate your course content including lessons, topics, and quizzes. We’ll make sure your course’s structure and relationships between Users, Groups, and Courses remain untouched, guaranteeing a smooth transition.

Transfer Your Site’s Users To LearnDash

We’ll securely migrate all your Moodle users’ data into LearnDash, including their username, password, email, name, user role, enrolled courses, and completed course activities.

Data security

Migrate without compromising the security of your business’s and client data. We’ll keep your data safe during the entire migration process to ensure that no information or content is lost during the process.

What data can we help you transfer?

Course Structure

Lessons And Topics

Quizzes And All Supported Quiz Questions

User Data

Users’ Course Progress

File Library

Effortlessly Migrate Your Site

The WooNinjas Moodle To LearnDash Migration Experience

A stress-free, efficient migration process

Rest assured that the entirety of your courses’ content and their structures will be preserved as you transition to a new learning management system.

Guaranteed data security

All of your site and client data will be safeguarded throughout the entire migration process for your total peace of mind.

A seamless transition for your users

Migrate without disrupting your users’ experience, ensuring user profiles, course enrollment and progress data are migrated into your new site.

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