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We are proud to share the success stories of our valued customers.



From 0 to Live in 40 Days

Founders Sam A. and Sam R. approached the WooNinjas with a concept and the desire to go from pre-drawing board to live site in under 5 weeks. Speedy, clear communication was the key to this project’s success, as the WooNinjas combined Astra, Elementor, and LearnDash to build an extensively customized and gamified experience for desktop and mobile, as well as a custom affiliate reward system that increased site traffic by 25%. Onomy’s speed and security were then optimized, and the WooNinjas continue to do maintenance on the site to this day.

Playful Learning

Mariah Bruehl and her team came to the WooNinjas to bring to life an eLearning platform that could provide a top-level user experience to the parents, teachers, and children it supports. The project included domain unification, LMS migration and the implementation of a robust membership solution. Furthermore, we needed students to be able to access both physical and online learning resources through their memberships and integrate an effective email marketing tool. By working hand-in-.hand with the Playful Learning team, we were able to accomnplish all of this, while building a fruitful agency-client relationship.


Flash Technologies

Building a One-Stop Shop for Professional Certification

Flash Technologies needed a place where its students, both online and offline, could obtain, renew, and track their professional certifications for years to come. This required the development of intricate, customized structures for user permissions and group management, which the WooNinjas built from scratch with BuddyBoss and LearnDash. The WooNinjas also developed custom certificates that dovetailed with a notification system for letting users know when it was time to “re-up” their training.


The Tale of a $1,000,000 Website

Founder Chris Clark entrusted the WooNinjas with the task of adapting two of his sites for WordPress, and the end result – $1,000,000 in sales – speaks for itself. While working in close cooperation with Chris, the WooNinjas combined LearnDash, Astra, and Paid Membership Pro to build websites where project managers and accountants could easily obtain continuing education credits. After laying the groundwork, the WooNinjas also did quite a bit of custom work on the websites’ design and display elements, dashboard, and more.



Fostering a Community During A Pandemic

Fostering a Community During A Pandemic
CareerXRoads is a community that gathers talent professionals and teams from large enterprise organizations to encourage collaboration, problem solving, and networking. Many organizations had to adapt quickly to an “online-only” approach during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the CXR team decided to bring in the WooNinjas in order to increase engagement on their website and forums.

The WooNinjas helped CXR develop and implement a gamification system for their site, which overhauled the site’s UX in a number of impactful ways. Leaderboards, site-wide currencies, and an intricate achievements/rewards system resulted in an immediate and continued spike in user engagement.


Facilitating Greek Language Learning For All Ages

Greek123, a leading provider of Greek language education with over 60 years of industry experience, reached out to WooNinjas with the desire to create a comprehensive eLearning experience for both desktop and mobile for learners of all ages. Their LearnDash site had to be configured and customized to support diverse learning activities, features such as on-screen keyboards and games built with HTML5. Greek123 also worked closely with WooNinjas to create a site-wide gamification system, which fosters both a sense of accomplishment and healthy, organic competition in young learners.


S3 meridien

An online education provider needed a unique platform for its community, where only their basic group of courses could be purchased openly by any user.
Due to the nature of their course offering, additional course groups could only be purchased by students that are granted approval to enroll, after submitting certain documentation. These group enrollments would also have access discounted pricing.
Furthermore, LearnDash courses had to be presented in several languages and offered with different pricing based on location, in order to efficiently reach an international audience.

Evolutionary Herbalism

In the online education world, the integration of gamification has become one of the most effective methods for enhancing engagement and improving the overall online learning experience. As a result, many of our clients have been looking to incorporate gamification elements into their WordPress Based LMS. Not only that, but they also wanted to better structure their LMS to easily create content and present it to their students in an organized way.
This case study delves into the meticulous process our ninjas employed in the creation of a gamified online course platform tailored specifically for an Herbalism School and their needs. Our clients wanted a highly engaging online platform, that was simple to both manage and use, to best train their herbalists to heal and transform lives.

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