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Sell Your WordPress Plugin or Theme to the WooNinjas

With dozens of plugins of our own, we know just how much work goes into creating and maintaining a WordPress product. Whether you are looking to slow down or simply want more time to devote to newer projects, our team of ninjas is fully-equipped to seamlessly take over your business operations and customers.

Currently we are in the market for acquiring the following WordPress products:


WordPress Plugins


WordPress Themes


WooCommerce Extensions

Who We Are

The WooNinjas are a remote US-based team of WordPress experts specializing in specialize in WordPress plugin development and customization and mainly work with WooCommerce, LearnDash, Paid Memberships Pro and BuddyPress.

What We Do


Theme design and development


Plugin UX/UI Design and Development


Plugin Support and Maintenance


WordPress Website Maintenance


Plugin and Theme Customization

Our Business Acquisition Philosophy

There is more to buying a business than just closing a deal. We understand just how important laying the groundwork is for a succesful WordPress business sale. Getting to know each individual business in close detail is essential for smooth business transitions, sustained quality in customer service and mutually beneficial transactions.

With a robust handover processes and a full technical team of WordPress experts and customer service team on staff, you’re business will be in the best hands


Before we can make an offer to acquire your WordPress product, we’ll need to examine your sales numbers, business model, and operations to make sure your product is the right fit.

You’ll also need to make sure you’re comfortable with us (if we get to that stage) verifying through direct access to your payment transactions software, Google Analytics, your help desk and project management software, etc.

We’ll sign an NDA to protect your confidential information, of course! If you have any questions about this, let us know ASAP. We’re happy to discuss it as it’s important we feel comfortable working together through this process.

Most offers fall within a 1x-1.5x multiplier of yearly profit. However, the final offer can vary based on our evaluation of your product’s current and potential profitability.

If we come to an agreement, our offer will entail a payout schedule and a transition plan with shared responsibilities during the acquisition process. The work and support provided by the product owner and its team during this time will be factored into any agreement made.

Have a WordPress product you’re looking to sell?

Let’s make business!

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