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LearnDash Maintenance Plans

Tired of constantly worrying about your LearnDash site’s performance? Our team has built and managed over 400+ LearnDash sites and developed over 40 add-ons in the last 8 years. 

Let our experts audit, maintain, and write website documentation for your eLearning site with our Annual WordPress Maintenance Plans. We’ll keep your online course performing its best, effortlessly, all year round.

Hire A Team Of LearnDash Experts ForAround The Clock Support

Are you tired of generic WordPress maintenance that falls short for your eLearning site?

Our WooNinjas, listed on the LearnDash experts page, have over 8 years of experience building and caring for eLearning sites and have developed over 40 LearnDash add-ons! Your site couldn’t fall in better hands.

We specialize in providing tailored services for LearnDash LMS, ensuring your platform runs seamlessly while you focus on what matters most – content creation

With our annual service, your eLearning site is under our watchful eye 24/7, 365 days a year. No need to worry about a thing – you’ll have a team of LearnDash developers and power users right by your side.

Our Maintenance Services

Website Audit

Uncover opportunities for improvement with a detailed website audit. Identify and address potential issues, ensuring your site operates at its full potential.

Maintenance Reports

We send monthly reports and real-time updates so, you will have a comprehensive record of all site-related issues and a report about your site’s performance throughout the year.

Website Documentation

The more you know the better. We will create a comprehensive knowledge base, providing valuable resources for navigating the technical aspects of your site and troubleshooting when necessary. We’ll even guide you through custom coded features.

Uninterrupted Learning

Say goodbye to disruptions! Our team ensures your online course website is always accessible for your learners. Uptime monitoring guarantees a smooth and most importantly reliable learning experience.

Consistent Updates

We’ll keep your site running smoothly year round, with seamless updates for your WordPress installation, theme, LearnDash LMS and additional plugins.

LearnDash Consultations

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Take advantage of our expertise in hosting and scaling, customization, eCommerce and design. We’ll help you sort through your problems and give shape to your vision.

Speed And Performance Optimization

Website speed is essential to SEO and delivering a pleasant user experience. We offer advanced performance monitoring, including site speed monitoring with GTMetrix/WP Query Monitor. Caching implementation ensures your site loads at lightning speed.

Website Backups

Don’t risk losing your courses’ content, students’ information or business data. Daily cloud backups guarantee your data’s safety.

Security Optimization

By implementing a thorough security evaluation, malware cleanups and routine security scans to identify potential threats, our team will implement the best preventive and resolutive measures to make your website as close to 100% secure as possible.

Priority Support

Enjoy priority support for immediate assistance when you need it most. Plus, we will maintain a list of known issues on your site throughout the year.

Streamlined Workflows

Our team can Implement more intuitive and easy-to-follow workflows to enhance user experience and efficiency.

Custom Code Monitoring

Whether it was us or another developer who wrote the custom code, we will always monitor it to make sure it doesn’t cause any issues.

Our Maintenance Plans


/Month * Billed Yearly


/Month * Billed Yearly


/Month * Billed Yearly

Supercharge Your Maintenance Plan

There’s a lot more to maintenance than meets the eye. Taking proper care of an eLearning site is a full time job with a lot of moving parts. Check out our add-ons and take your maintenance plans to the next level.

Custom Development

Looking for something you can’t find out of the box? Let us build it for you! Add a custom development add-on to your maintenance plan and enlist our team of ninjas to customize your site for you. You’ll get one-on-one calls, real time updates and a dedicated project manager to accompany you during the proces.



WordPress Evolution Bundle


Elite WordPress Tailoring



We’re dedicated to keeping your website healthy, whether it’s securing your site from hackers, malware and other attacks. We do all the work so you don’t have to. We can scan, fix, update and backup your website without any fuss, and make all your worries go away.

Essential Security Plan​

Recommended for every WordPress website with low to moderate traffic, standard payment processing options, and less than 3k concurrent users.


Advanced Protection Plan

For security conscious businesses with moderate traffic volume, advanced payment or shipping options or sites that have experienced attack.



We’re committed to enhancing the performance of your online course, ensuring that your website works at peak efficiency. Our focus is on optimizing every aspect of your website, from loading times to overall responsiveness.

Enhanced Stability Add-On

Essential WordPress Site Optimization Recommended for every WordPress website.



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