LearnDash Quick Launch Case Study - WooNinjas

Idea to Online Course in 30 Days (Or Less!)


A Brief History

We here at WooNinjas are no strangers to building LearnDash sites from the ground up, and there are a host of great plugins and tools out there that make creating your dream site more accessible with each passing day.

Anyone who is familiar with WordPress sites knows that the pure variety of plugins, themes, and extensions out there can be overwhelming, especially for business owners who are just getting started in the eCommerce world.

Fortunately, no matter how many bells and whistles you attach to your LearnDash portal, there are always going to be certain common elements in play.

For example:

We have spent over six years building, configuring and customizing LearnDash sites for all sorts of clients. As time went on, we found that there was a sizable group of business owners that had well-developed ideas for a site and all sorts of content ready but nowhere to put it.

These people came from all walks of life and were experts in their respective fields, but when it came to getting a new business online quickly and reliably, they were in need of a helping hand.


Quick Launch: Origins

Enter us, the WooNinjas. We had noticed that we were performing very similar services for a wide range of clients, bringing sites from the drawing board to a dedicated domain that was ready to accept new users.

We took a look at the bigger picture and realized that consolidating these services into a single framework was the obvious answer. However, another key question remained – how could a single offering be flexible enough to be relevant to our clients’ wide range of needs without becoming overwhelming or diluted?

Solving that riddle proved to be a snap – by using a mixture of market research, good data from previous projects, and personal experience to select a series of curated solutions for our Quick Launch package.

These products, services, and plugins are supported by dedicated professionals, release frequent updates, have outstanding reputations, and receive consistent praise from hundreds (if not thousands) of satisfied, real customers.

And with that, the Quick Launch was born!

Quick Launch: LearnDash Case Study Overview

Price: $1499 - $1999

Est. Time: 30 business days

Built-In Services:

Optional Services:

Quick Launch: Implementation

Allow me to introduce Darrell.

Darrell is a talented educator with a passion for music and a knack for connecting with a younger audience, and so he wants to bring his wide range of engaging lessons to the eCommerce space.

As a responsible future small business owner, Darrell’s done his reading, and he’s well aware that building a site from scratch is no “Chopsticks”!

There’s dozens (sometimes hundreds!) of hours’ worth of research to be done on everything from finding the right hosting provider to defining his brand’s look and feel to choosing the right plugin stack.

Unfortunately, online LMSs are not Darrell’s forte, but that’s why he reaches out to us, the WooNinjas, with a request for a consultation.