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Why Choose WooNinjas For AffiliateWP Customization

At WooNinjas we have a hand-picked of experts which can provide you the quality service you would be looking for your AffiliateWP site.
We are listed on the AffiliateWP consultants page and we are committed to providing quality service to our customers.
Our team of experts will be happy to help you configure the plugin in the most efficient way so that you can easily get a complete list of features with AffiliateWP that will help drive traffic to your website, increase sales, and establish your brand. However, to get the best return on your affiliate marketing efforts, you need to have the right configuration and right set of add-ons. What is more, we can customize the plugin so that it serves your campaign’s strategy and goals in the best way possible. Get in touch today, and learn how we can help you empower your affiliate program.


Affiliates Creation

We can help you add new affiliates to your system using all available options: set up affiliate registration form, configure auto-registration, and even upload your own database of affiliates.


Affiliates Commission

Here at WooNinjas we completely understand that flat and percentage referral rates offered by default are far not enough to encourage your affiliates. We can customize the plugin and make sure you reward your affiliates in a range of ways, starting from the discount on your products to your custom tokens.


Affiliate Area

Your affiliates have their own dashboard where they can track their performance but often with limited options. That’s where we step in! We can add a lot more to it, and make sure they have creative banners, referral URLs, stats, and graphs right at hand. What is more, we can style it and make sure your affiliates get superb user experience.


Affiliate Tracking

By default, affiliate links are tracked by a cookie that lasts for 1 day. We can customize the configuration and set any timeframe that will make your affiliate campaign even more successful.



Integration of AffiliateWP with the tools you already use can save you tons of time. Whether it is EDD for your online downloads, WooCommerce for checkouts, MailChimp for referrals, or Gravity Forms for sign-ups, we can make this work in no time.

Referral Notifications

Want your affiliates to be more informed about their referrals? We can create custom notifications, alerts, notes or any other feature that will come in handy to help your affiliates promote your brand along the way.



We can customize the entries of the report so that it suits the exact needs of your organization or company.


Referral Signup

If your affiliate campaign has a lot of conditions and you would like to keep a better track of referrals, we can add custom tracking features and make sure you don’t miss a thing!



Having trouble with exporting/importing data about your affiliates, referrals or payouts? We can make this experience for you as seamless as possible.



We can set up configuration according to your preferences, and make sure everything works flawlessly.

AffiliateWP and WooCommerce

Affiliate marketing is a tried-and-tested way of generating sales and driving traffic to your online store. If you are selling goods using WooCommerce, there are a wide range of choices for you to incentivise your affiliates. With the right setup, you can reward your affiliates right after the order is completed or on a per-product basis. If you do not want to rely on referral URLs, we can also associate affiliates with coupon codes. This way referrals get a discount on your products while affiliates earn themselves a commission in the process.

AffiliateWP and Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms allow you to create a complete application workflow in an exceptionally easy way. Usually, you might want to have this on landing pages to improve lead conversions. When someone visits your website using an affiliate link and fills up the contact form, the affiliate automatically receives a reward. We can also create coupons and associate them with a Gravity form so that your affiliates can have one more way to promote your brand.

AffiliateWP and Easy Digital Downloads

EDD has been built to seamlessly integrate with AffiliateWP. Whenever a customer is referred to your store via an affiliate link and makes a purchase, your affiliate will automatically receive a reward. Whether you are looking for a way to push specific items at ideal times, generate more leads or promote your brand, we can devise the scenario tailored to the needs of your campaign. With EDD it’s possible to grant commission on a per-product and per affiliate basis, as well as with unique coupon codes for each of your affiliates.

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