BadgeOS LearnDash Gateway

BadgeOS LearnDash Gateway
The BadgeOS LearnDash Gateway lets you redeem your BadgeOS points. These points can be used for making purchases on your LearnDash e-learning platform. Your users can now make their courses available by using BadgeOS points.


The BadgeOS LearnDash Gateway addon lets your user redeem their remaining BadgeOS points. These points can be used to make purchases on your LearnDash site. You can now make your e-learning platform even more engaging.

The BadgeOS LearnDash Gateway addon offers your users multiple ways of utilizing their BadgeOS points. We will state a few below:

  • Unlock courses using BadgeOS points.
  • Use LearnDash points to redeem remaining points from BadgeOS.
  • Make purchases using BadgeOS points.
  • Engage users by letting them unlock drip feed feature.

The BadgeOS LearnDash Gateway addon is developed to create to make your site more engaging. Your audience will feel a sense of accomplishment as they cash in their earned BadgeOS points. This will give them the motivation to keep on progressing through your courses and boost your business.

Kindly note:

The addon only deals with BadgeOS points. It is completely irrelevant from the achievements feature. 


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BadgeOS LearnDash Pro

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With this add-on, you can schedule courses by setting a timetable for events - courses/lessons/topics/quizzes - on a calendar. It also presents a course show/hide feature which you can use to set up a period to show or hide content from your users.


BadgeOS LearnDash Gateway

With this add-on, your user can redeem their remaining BadgeOS points. These points can be used to make purchases on LearnDash LMS, for example, purchasing courses, unlocking drip feed feature, etcetera.


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The BadgeOS EDD Integration addon fuses BadgeOS with a famous e-commerce plugin, Easy Digital Downloads. It lets you award achievements to your users after they have made a purchase on your site.


If you have any questions about this addon, feel free to post in our public forum. You may also find answers to questions posted by other users. To read the addon FAQs, you can see the docs section.