BadgeOS WooCommerce Integration

BadgeOS WooCommerce Integration
The BadgeOS WooCommerce Integration connects the features of BadgeOS and WooCommerce. It let’s you awards the badges and achievements on the purchase of WooCommerce products.


The BadgeOS WooCommerce Integration fuses BadgeOS with a famous WooCommerce plugin. It lets you award the badges and achievements to the users on the purchase of WooCommerce products. Which can increase the excitement and engagement of your customers and ultimately increase your sales.

Following are the triggers provided by BadgeOS WooCommerce Integration add-on to award achievements on WooCommerce Activities:

  1. Any product purchase.
  2. Purchase a specific product.
  3. Purchase product of a specific product type. (i-e simple, grouped, external or variable)
  4. Purchase product with the price X.
  5. The user gets cart total of.

You can also award the BadgeOS points with the badges and achievements on the purchase of WooCommerce products. So with the BadgeOS WooCommerce Gateway add-on, users can redeem the BadgeOS points to purchase the products. By using these two add-ons you can easily create the flow of BadgeOS and WooCommerce where the user engagement will reach to the next level.

Kindly note:

If you do not already have the free BadgeOS plugin (version 1.4.8 or higher) activated, you will need to do so before using the BadgeOS WooCommerce Integration add-on.


Version 1.0

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BadgeOS WooCommerce Gateway

The BadgeOS WooCommerce Gateway addon lets the user to purchase the WooCommerce products by redeeming the BadgeOS Points.


BadgeOS WooCommerce Integration

With BadgeOS WooCommerce Integration you can now award the badges and achievements on the purchase of WooCommerce products.


BadgeOS EDD Gateway

With this add-on, you can purchase the EDD downloads by redeeming the BadgeOS Points. You can set the exchange rate for all the downloads or you can set specific to the downloads.


LearnDash Retake Quiz

With this addon, you can enhance the functionality of LearnDash Quizzes. So that a user can retake the quiz unless all the questions are correctly answered. Only the incorrect questions will show on the retake.


If you have any questions about this addon, feel free to post in our public forum. You may also find answers to questions posted by other users. To read the addon FAQs, you can see the docs section.