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5 Ways to Market LearnDash Courses

If you are running an LMS using LearnDash, you might have come across techniques to market LearnDash courses. In some posts, you probably have heard of content marketing mentioned quite a few times. However, surprisingly enough, there is more than one way to market your content.

1. Content Marketing

Yes, we know you have read about content marketing in other places as well, but it is for a good reason.

Creating a combination of high-value blogs and email marketing have proven to be successful. It is hard to beat when it comes to organically growing audience, expressing the value of your content and connecting with the core customers you have been eyeing for.

Furthermore, fresh quality content does not only make your site SEO-friendly, but it is also the top ranking factor for Google. In fact, to fruitfully market LearnDash courses, it is paramount that you establish a content marketing strategy.

We strongly recommend educators who feel as if their content marketing game is not strong, to focus on that. There is no better way to reach new members. However, for those who wish to branch out their business to new avenues, we suggest trying out the rest of these strategies.

2. Refining Your Audience

People appreciate things custom made for them. That is precisely the reaction you can expect if you narrow your course topics to target a specific audience. You might have a solid idea but need to refine your messaging.

You can continue to market LearnDash courses for a broader group. But by narrowing your focus, you can expect to see a higher conversion rate from your targeted audience.

It is a possibility to only having to make minor changes to your course. However, the most significant shift is the “packaging” of your content. By focusing on a specific group, you will send a clear message that you have something to offer them.

3. Creating Sample Lessons

Learners who have never taken an online course are often reluctant to sign up for their first one. They are uncertain of the appearance of the format, credibility of the material and user-friendliness of the navigation on your portal.  Of course, it is not your fault, but you can provide them with some reassurance to make them feel they have found what they are looking for.

One of the most successful strategies to work around this problem is to offer sample lessons. A sample lesson can be as simple as a 5-10 minute preview of the lecture where the instructor can briefly go over their course. You can even add a test or questionnaire at the end to get a new user accustomed to the navigation. In case you offer classes on a subscription, you can provide a free week’s trial.

Another equally effective technique is splitting larger lessons into smaller, more niche specific topics. These will attract users who are only looking for a course focused on that particular topic.

4. Offering Limited, yet Highly Valued Experiences

Reducing supply to drive up the demand is a fundamental market strategy. But in your case, you are not going to cut the availability of your course. Instead, you are going to create a new high valued opportunity and provide limited access. In simple words, you are going to develop a sense of urgency in your users. You will provoke them to stop procrastinating and make a purchase.

Now the question is, what kind of opportunities can you offer? The most in-demand resource for any educator is themselves. They are the name behind the course and are contributing to selling their expertise. You might call it a huge ego boost, but if you think about it, it is true.

Therefore, offering such expertise in a one-to-one setting is a highly valued experience for many learners. So arranging a live chat or a meet up for a specific number of seats and for a limited number of hours can significantly heighten its value, making it another way to market LearnDash courses.

5. Speaking at Public Events

Who says all the marketing you do for your online courses has to be digital? If you get the chance, you can market LearnDash courses at public speaking events and conferences. It gives you the opportunity to cast yourself as an expert in your field. Plus, if you can record your session, it can prove to be a great piece of social proof that you can put on your site.

It is totally cool if you do not have an opportunity to speak at an event, but you should always try attending them. It will prove to be a great chance to network with possible future collaborators and learners. You can even end up learning a few things to apply to your business.

Content writing is the heart of online marketing. However, that does not stop you from taking it to the next level. Yes, having valuable content is an excellent tool for marketing LearnDash courses, but we understand establishing a strong foundation will take time.

Our tips will guide you in the direction you can lead your business to while you establish yourself in the market. A point will come where you will be composing engaging content multiple times a day, then having an expanded repertoire of marketing tactics can increase the x-factor of your content and your course.

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