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Creating a Knowledge Base Using WordPress Plugins

If you have been following our guide, you would understand the significance of a knowledge base and how WordPress lets you make you create a standalone site.

Now let us consider another case. Suppose you already have set up a website or you do not want to create a site solely to serve as a knowledge base, then going for another theme would not be the best option.

You also have to consider the lack of integration options on those themes. Moreover, unless you are a wiz at coding, running a standard site with those themes would be a difficult task.

Lucky for you, WordPress already has an answer for you. All in all, if you want a solution that is lightweight and fits into the frame of your website, then you should be opting for knowledge base plugins.

Unfortunately, there are not many amazing free knowledge base plugins. We have created a list of 5 plugins, which includes both free and premium plugins. We do advise to opt for excellent ones if you are aiming to grow a serious business.

1. Heroic Knowledge Base

Knowledge base Plugins - Hero KB

Heroic Knowledge Base is probably one of the most popular knowledge base plugins. Its value is on the higher end of the market, but it gives your bang for the buck.

It brings with itself, tonnes of features that anyone would love to have. These include:

  • Built-in analytics – provides detailed information on the most viewed content, most searched content, content that has been most helpful, and much more.
  • User feedback – lets your users review and submit votes on articles, ranking them from most helpful to least.
  • Instant Ajax Search – pops up search results while users are still typing their queries.

The plugin offers fantastic features but comes at a hefty price of $129, and that too for a single site license.

For small business owners, this might seem like a considerable investment. However, a critical investment to ensure customer satisfaction today will payback ten folds later on. Like we say, a happy customer is the best advocate.

Download Heroic Knowledge Base!

2. Helpie

Knowledge base Plugins - Helpie

Helpie is a relatively new plugin, but it comes with powerful features. These features will help you make your ideal public or private support page, product documentation or wiki site.

The knowledge base plugin is not your daily cup of average joe, and it has the potential to create a robust KB site. We will list down just some of the features it has in store for you:

  • Powerful search engine – the search engine on Helpie gives it a substantial edge. Along with ajax search, it has partial matching, keyword-weighted sorting, and lightning fast speed.
  • Elementor integration – you can quickly make a custom design for your page using the drag and drop page builder.
  • Super light framework – critical for sites to load quickly and light plugins do not add to load time.
  • Branding options – provide customization options for styling and layouts for your templates.

Helpie is available for $36 for a 6-month subscription. They even offer a discount for a 12-month subscription. Furthermore, their customer support is brilliant. We believe that with such an affordable rate the plugin should be considered by companies of every nature.

Download Helpie!

3. BWL Knowledge Base Manager

Knowledge base Plugins - BWL KB Manager

By now you would have figured out what majority of the plugins offer. I will make this brief.

The plugin posses the following features:

  • Ajax live search
  • Submission box
  • Optional content table

It does lack the analytics feature, but the unique and clean design atones for it. You can try the live preview to see whether it is your cup of tea.

BWL Knowledge Base Manager is possibly the cheapest premium knowledge base plugin available on the market. You can purchase it for $25.

There are some desirable features that the plugin is missing, but its low price compensates those. We leave the rest to your judgment.

Download BWL Knowledge Base Manager!

4. WP Knowledgebase

Knowledge base Plugins - WP KB

As far as free knowledge base plugins go, WP Knowledgebase tops the charts. There are a plethora of users who are willing to vouch for its simple set-up process.

After you download the plugin, you create the required posts and divide them by categories. You can decide articles users can search. After setting it up, you use shortcodes to embed your knowledge base.

It has a basic layout. However, you can use custom CSS to style it the way you want. It is a workable solution, but you will need to learn some basic CSS.

Download WP Knowledgebase!

5. Very Simple Knowledge Base

Knowledge base Plugins - Very Simple KB

Just like WP Knowledgebase, Very Simple Knowledge Base is easy to implement and has a clean layout. Similarly, it is also customizable using custom CSS.

After you have created your posts, you can add shortcodes to display your content in a grid format. Modifiers can be added and used to manipulate order, hide empty content, and much more.

If you are looking for something fundamental, then why not give Very Simple Knowledge Base a try.

Download Very Simple Knowledge Base!

Well, there you have it, the ultimate guide to making your very own knowledge base website. It has all the details one may need. You can even revisit the page if you feel like you are missing something.

We hope the content was worth your time and be sure to leave us feedback if you feel we missed anything.

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