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Version 2.0

Last Update: 12 August 2021

With the LearnDash Buddy Up add-on, you can establish a classroom-like environment, allowing students to work together, collaborate, socialize and communicate with their peers about their courses. The add-on allows students enrolled in the same course to “buddy up” into pairs and collaborate. Users can send invitations so that they can easily form groups on their own. Students also have the option to be paired automatically with new students when they enrol or be paired up by website administrators.

Features That Promote Student Collaboration

Student-Created Groups

Students can pair up with their peers by directly inviting any other user enrolled in the course to “buddy-up”. Users have the option to accept or reject the invitations they receive.

Buddy Up Chat

After creating a Buddy Up group, a group chat box is created for the course page for students to talk about the course.

Front-End Notifications

Students can find notifications about their buddies and their activity on the main course page.

Progress Sharing

You can allow buddies to view each other’s quiz results as well as their profiles so that pairs can keep track of each other’s progress.

Course Notes & Sharing

Students can take course notes and if enabled, paired up students can collaborate by viewing each other’s notes.

Group Assignments

You can allow students to share assignments with each other. The student can submit all assignments of a course from the assignments section located in the buddy up tab.

Email Notifications

Send emails to notify students when they have been invited to buddy up with another student, when they have been auto paired or when there are no free users available for grouping.

Compare Quiz Result

Buddies can compare their quizzes results with each other.

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With LearnDash Buddy Up You Can Establish A Real Classroom Setting For Your Students

Enhance the learning experience through student interaction

Allow students to chat live so that they can discuss, share ideas and answer questions in real-time, with the help of their peers, as they complete the course.

Create a sense of community among your students

By forming groups, you will be able to replicate a real-life classroom environment where students can communicate, socialize and collaborate during the course.

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