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Gamification: How to Make Your WordPress Blog Interesting

Gamification is a technique used to increase user excitement in an otherwise mundane task. The term has gained significant popularity in the recent years. And with the support of WordPress open source community, you can now gamify your WordPress blog using some ready-made plugins!

The application can be used to engage your audience uniquely and creatively. It invests viewers in your site and keeps them coming back for more. Gamification promises increased traffic to your blog and other content.

In this blog, we will discuss:

  • What is gamification?
  • Why is gamification important?
  • What are the benefits of adding gamification?
  • How can gamification make a user interested in your blog?

What Is Gamification?

User engagement is a critical aspect of every website. There can be instances where you will be looking to engage your users or increase the traffic to your site.

Keeping a user interested is not an easy task to do. And if you want to retain members for a prolonged period, then it can be an uphill task. But if you follow our guide, we will have you sorted in no time.

Let’s describe what gamification really is. In simple words, Gamification means adding game-like graphics and elements into any website or application. The ingredients are Points, Leaderboards, Rewards, Leveling up, Virtual currencies, Badges, etc.

If we talk about websites and blogs, then it involves giving a reward to the users on different activities. These can be adding comments, sharing something on social media, answering questions and so on.

There are many different ways you can gamify your site. However, you need to do some proper planning to make such gamification system on your blog.

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Why Is Gamification Important?

Gamification is turning into a trending industry. The area is still new, but the amount of “gamified” sites are dramatically growing.

Gamification works by exploiting fundamental mental desires. For example, competition, goal-setting, and reputation seeking. These features enable a website’s potential to vastly increase user engagement.

Gamification decreases the number of users who sign up for a service but never take any further action to become engaged. Gamifying your blog keep these users motivated to visit the site regularly.

Gamification also impacts on the learning capability of the user positively.

According to Talent LMS Survey:

  • Almost 80% of the learners say that they would be more productive if their university/institution or work were more game-like.
  • Over 60% of learners would be motivated by leaderboards and increased competition between students.
  • 89% would be more engaged in an e-learning application if it had a point system.
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What Will Be The Benefits of Adding Gamification?

Implementing gamification programs on the WordPress blog