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7 Best WordPress Plugins for Email Marketing & Newsletters

Hello everyone we’re back again with another “Amazing Friday” blog post. Today we are going to reveal some awesome WordPress Plugins for Email Marketing & Newsletters. We all know that Email Marketing is the best way to promote your services and products. With a much higher conversion rate than many other channels Email Marketing is one of the best choice for businesses to promote their products & services. This is the reason that most of the website owners are now more focused towards list building and Email Marketing.

Here is a list of 7 Best WordPress Plugins for Email Marketing & Newsletters

1. Email Subscribers WordPress Plugin

Email Subscriber WordPress Plugin

Email Subscribers allow you to create and send HTML newsletters with its HTML editor option to your subscribers. You can also set notifications emails to send whenever a new post is published on your blog or website. With a use of a simple code in sidebar widget or on your website or blog posts you can easily add subscriptions box to let users subscribe to your email list with an ease.

2. MailPoet Newsletters Plugin

MailPoet Newsletter Plugin

With MailPoet Newsletters plugin you can create and send newsletters, notifications, and inform your subscribers about activities conveniently from your WordPress website. You can create newsletters and posts with simple drag and drop options with the choice of over 30 pre-designed themes. You can also set Auto-Responders, email notifications for any newly published post on your blog or website. MailPoet also gives accurate stats for your newsletter such as how many emails opened, how many subscribers clicked, how many unsubscribed, etc.

3. Mailster – Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

Mailster is a super simple WordPress Plugin for Email Newsletter that let you create, send and track your Newsletter performance with an additional option of Email Campaign. Email Campaign option allows you to track performance of each email campaign performance with an ease, so you can easily gauge which of your Email and service performed well. You get proper insights on everything like Opens, Clicks, Unsubscribes, Bounces, etc.

Some of its great features include:

  • Proper tracking option (Tracks Countries, Cities, Email Opens, Click Through, Bounce Rate, etc.)
  • Six different types of auto responders, including auto email of latest post to subscribers.
  • Multiple Email Campaigns Scheduling.
  • All Email Themes and Templates are responsive, so your email looks same in all devices.
  • Multiple Subscription Forms and you can easily integrate forms on blog posts and sidebar widgets.
  • Unlimited color variations, image embedding and background image support, and automatic inline styles.
  • Single or Double opt-in support.
  • Import and export option from subscribers list.
  • Multi language support and SMTP support.

4. Sendit Newsletter Plugin

Sendit NewsLetter Plugin

Sendit is really easy to use and enables you to build your subscribers list and send newsletters from your WordPress site. You can build multiple lists of subscribers for different categories by creating diverse subscription form for each category and you can simply put that form via a shortcode in your pages/posts or by using Sendit widget.

5. Chimpy – MailChimp WordPress Plugin

Chimpy MailChimp Plugin

Whether you want to create multiple signup forms for opt-in, want user synchronization, or want to lock some content, so only your subscribers can see that content? Chimpy can do this all for you. Beside that you can enjoy having professionally designed signup forms, because people are more likely to interact with content that is visually appealing. Increase the signup rate of your subscribers by displaying visually appealing signup forms popup or by locking the most interesting and helpful content.

Chimpy is not just limited to forms you can integrate your WordPress website with MailChimp using Chimpy Plugin. You can also sync all of your WordPress users with MailChimp. Chimpy offers functionalities that are offered by 5 different WordPress plugins, so you can replace all those plugins with a single plugin and of course it’s time saving and cost effective solution.

6. SendPress Newsletters Plugin

SendPress Newsletter Plugin

SendPress Newsletters is a simple, easy to use WordPress Email plugin that lets you create, send, manage and track your promotional Emails and Newsletters. SendPress can easily integrate with your WordPress website and lets you create Newsletters just like WordPress post. SendPress doesn’t require any third party system like MailChimp, Aweber, etc.

7. Email Cart for WooCommerce

EmailCart WooCommerce Plugin

Email Cart is a super useful plugin for WooCommerce stores which gives freedom to customers and website administrators to send a pre-populated WooCommerce cart to any of their friends or email address that is just waiting for checkout. Then the receivers can simply checkout straight away or continue shopping if they want. Admins also have choice to select whether to send the receiver of the email to direct checkout page or the cart page and there is always a live output of the link is available to copy and use in a newsletter, support email, advertisement, in any other application, or for promotion.

WooCommerce Email Cart is Best For:

  • Customers who want to share their cart with others to Checkout for them or on same interest base.
  • Email Cart offers easy wish list type functionality for customers.
  • Manual orders by admins who are on support and providing assistance on email or over the phone.
  • Admins don’t need to create customer account for over the phone or email customers to place their order.
  • WooCommerce Email Cart helps you increase your online salles by adding links to your newsletters, ads or communication channels to quickly add products or sets of products to your customer’s cart with 1 click.

These are 7 Awesome WordPress Plugins for Email Marketing and Newsletters that makes your life easier and lets you do hours of work in a matter of minutes, so you can focus on other ideas and essential tasks of your business. If you think we’ve missed any plugin that should be included in this list please let us know in the comments section or share your experience with any of these plugins if you’ve already used any of them.

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  1. You forgot about GetResponse wordpress tool by the way.. Well I want to know can I integrate MyMail plugin with Freshmail? I would love to work with mymail, I am seriously planning to purchase it now! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us..

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