4 Creative, Profitable And Easy To Set Up Business Ideas Using Wordpress
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4 Creative, Profitable and Easy to Set up Business Ideas Using WordPress

WordPress is taking the web industry by storm. There is now a plugin or a theme for almost any kind of website imaginable. Do you want to start an Event Management Business? Or do you need to start an affiliate program on your website? Are you planning to start an Ecommerce store? Or you are looking to set up a membership forum? WordPress has a solution for you.

We have worked with a number of different WordPress websites for clients all around the globe. Sometimes we are surprised by how creatively people are using WordPress for business and so we decided today that we will share with you 4 business ideas that can be set up in literally few hours.

1- Set up a Custom T-Shirt Design Store in Minutes

Wordpress designer plugin
WordPress designer plugin

Yes, now its possible to set up a custom T-shirt design store in minutes using this amazing WordPress plugin. All you need is a nice WooCommerce enabled WordPress theme and the plugin and you are good to go. You can get both these things in under $100. If you have any troubles installing or configuring the theme or the plugin you can go here. Once you have set up the store, you can easily outsource your screen printing and fulfillment service to a 3rd party vendor and keep a margin on all sales. You can even add an affiliate program or a user campaigns program too just like TeeSpring.

2- Real Estate Listings

Wordpress Real Estate business

The Real estate market is now rapidly growing as it recovers from the 2008 crisis both in US and Europe. It has never been more easier for Real estate agents to have high converting websites for their listings. You can choose from a number of different Real estate WordPress themes on Themeforest and install the theme in seconds. Once you have the website ready, you can choose from a number of different affiliate programs to start displaying the listings in no time. If you are a licensed Real estate agent and have your own listings, you can use ClickSolid IDX plugin.

3- Traveling

Traveling is now a trillion dollar industry. In 2015, people who are traveling don’t call travel agents, they look for deals online, they compare prices and they book their hotels or hostels online too. With WordPress, it is pretty easy to set your Travel blog or a vacation rental website. You can look for some WordPress themes and you will notice that these themes come with some of the most amazing built-in features such as, search functionality, modules to add hotel listings from back-end, ratings and review features and much more.

4- Online Courses

This one is HOT right now! E-learning is becoming very popular and specially with the introduction of certified courses like OSHAMeditec and many others. There are tons of affiliate programs in this niche, but the best one so far is this one. They offer certifications in different areas starting from bar tending to software engineering. Check out Clever Course and Academy to see how easy it is to setup your WordPress based online learning website.

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