Why you should use WordPress for Large Scale business
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Why You Should Use WordPress for Large Scale Business

WordPress wasn’t a first choice of many for large scale businesses but lately WordPress has made tremendous improvements and is now being recognized all over the globe for its efficient qualities and features. There were many myths about WordPress which are now being negated as large business, enterprises and blogs are taking over WordPress for a variety of different business models. I continue to get surprised by the number of different ways people are using this amazing platform to create amazing business websites. Also check out my post about 4 creative business ideas using WordPress.

WordPress has started gaining popularity since it became the most preferred destination for all the bloggers but with the launch of version 3.0 in 2010, WordPress has become most widely used CMS stage while blowing its competitors out of the water.

Currently there are more than 60 million websites using WordPress, which makes it the power controller of 23% of the total website count in the entire world, these 60 million websites incorporate all kinds of small and large businesses. WordPress has ultimately made its space in the large scale website development and here’s why you should opt for WordPress for large scale business.

1. Smartly Handling Large Scale Traffic

WordPress is now the platform where high traffic is not a problem because WordPress is fully capable of handling large scale traffic and that is proven when various fully multi-media companies like CNN opt for WordPress. Companies such as CNN, PBS and MSNBC are high traffic gaining websites and they are running like unstoppable horse with the help of WordPress, however a horse might die but WordPress isn’t programmed to die, so your websites will be successfully live with unstoppable traffic.

WordPress is also being used for heavy trafficked e-commerce and enterprise sites by using the multi-site applications. Best buy is one of the well-known website and it is using WordPress for its highly trafficked websites.

2. Efficiency to Equally Support Multimedia and Text Content

WordPress is capable of supporting various sorts of multimedia and textual contents as WordPress gives thousands of plug-ins and hundreds of verified themes for use when customizing your website. WordPress allows you to fully customize your website as you can incorporate features for different businesses for instance you can add features for real estates, auctions, billing, selling, career listing, online prompt reservations, full online teaching system, management, registration, memberships and finally for e-commerce business.

WordPress allows integrations with websites like Mail Chimp, renowned Facebook and Instagram, while there are many other uncountable integrations that WordPress allows, WordPress also adapts different versions of files and has no problem in publishing the quality media and textual content.

3. Multiple User Support

When you look at a bigger picture, WordPress supports users at various levels for instance Read only for subscribers while accepts content from contributors, it also allows the authors to write comments while editors can edit and upload any content, however, the main system remains under administrators who have full control over plug-ins, themes and overall control panel.

4. Large Community Support

Out of all the reasons, the expert level of support is what many people find as one of the best features of WordPress as you can get unlimited support when it comes to WordPress, there are uncountable exceptional tutorials, articles and forums available online which are totally dedicated to WordPress along with the continuous support from the WordPress official community. So, there is not a thing to worry when you choose WordPress.

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WordPress is also widely talked about as the first choice for startups to create their MVPs. Whether it is a content-rich event management or online learning web a full blown Ecommerce shop with hundreds of products, WordPress has a solution in shape of a theme or a plugin. If you have used WordPress for your business in any way, please share your website below in the comment so others can get some inspiration too.

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