Adaptive Learning with LearnDash

What Is Adaptive Learning?

If you belong in the education or e-learning industry, you have most probably heard the term “adaptive learning”, It refers to an educational method which introduces a non-linear approach towards learning and teaching and It acknowledges the fact that different students learn “differently“.

Applying It to LearnDash

Wouldn’t it be a great enhancement if modern LMS systems could encompass such advanced learning methodologies.

Adaptive Learning With LearnDash” is an add-on which applies this methodology in one of the most popular LMS plugins in WordPress, LearnDash. This add-on offers a way for site administrators to design courses in such a way that would best suit the needs of individual students. In short, it offers them a way to design courses in a non-linear fashion.

LearnDash already provides the option to make prerequisite courses i.e assign a course as a dependency for other courses. Our add-on exploits this option and enables site admin to think about these prerequisite courses as “parent courses”, and the courses which will be assigned as prerequisites can be considered as “child courses”.
Our add-on extends this ability by allowing the pass mark percentage to the results of a quiz to control access to a child course. We refer to these percentages as Course Levels and you can see how that works below.

Setting Prerequisite Course in LearnDash
Setting Prerequisite Course in LearnDash

Setting Course Levels

LearnDash allows there to be any number of child courses for a particular parent course. Our add-on associates a particular “Course Level” with these “child courses“. The course level specifies the range of percentage score obtained by the student in the parent course quiz (or quizzes). There is an option to specify “from” and “to” field with each Course  Level and administrator can create any number of Course Levels to be assigned to child courses.

Course Level page for Adarptive Learning With LearnDash


How It Works


When a student completes a parent course the percentage score in the quiz/quizzes associated with that parent course is/are mapped to one of the Course Levels created by admin. The child course mapped to that Course Level will be automatically assigned to the student based on their percentage score. This enables the site administrator to test the level of the student and make the parent course a “deterministic course” and thus, assign child courses based on the performance in the parent course.

When a student completes a parent course and any one of the child course is assigned to them based on the Course Level, this information is saved on the user profile page and the administrator can view this info on the user profile page to track the progress of students in respective courses.

Adaptive Learnning With LearnDash user profile stats

Note: The child courses should be set as “closed” course type in LearnDash course settings, so that only a particular child course is assigned to the student based on the parent course score and all other child remain inaccessible.

The plugin is available for free on the WordPress repository, click on the below button to access it rightaway.

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