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Adaptive Learning with LearnDash: What’s new?

What Is Adaptive Learning With LearnDash:

The LearnDash Adaptive Learning add-on is a tool which applies the concept of adaptive learning to LearnDash and allows the admin to design courses in a non-linear way by defining different course levels. Each level can be associated with a different child course, which should be a post-requisite course of its parent course, as each level has a different ‘to and from’ percentage. So after completing the parent course, the post-requisite child courses will be assigned on the bases of the parent course quiz/quizzes performance.

Long story short, the add-on provides you a great way to create unique learning paths for your learners based on their quiz performance.

What’s New?

Our WooNinjas have been busy in the WooDojo cooking up something special for everyone using our Adaptive Learning add-on. They have fixed several bugs in the add-on and made the add-on compatible with WordPress and LearnDash latest versions. More importantly, they have taken all your suggestions into account and introduced some amazing features.

Below is a quick summary of the top three add-on updates:

1. Animated Notification:

With this update, learners will be informed by an animated notification when enrolled in the associated course.

2. Displayed Associated Course on Course Detail Page:

For ease, our WooNinjas added a new feature in the “Adaptive Learning with LearnDash add-on” to display newly assigned course name on parent course detail page, after its completion. So the learners can easily navigate to their next destination.

learndash adaptive learning

3. “Notification_Message” Filter:

Towards betterment, our WooNinjas added a new filter “notification_message” to override the LearnDash notification message in the add-on’s recipe(code). Associated course notification and the animated notification both are coming from this “notification_message” filter.

Final Words:

We want to thank all of you who have trusted our Adaptive Learning with LearnDash add-on to add an adaptive learning module in your LearnDash LMS, and to those of you who provide recommendations and suggestions on functionality.

Do let us know what you think about this new update in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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