LearnDash Buddy-Up add-on is an amazing thing for LearnDash users. By using this add-on, users can easily buddy up and can interact with each other. They can chat with each other in a group and can discuss their course things. It’s cool, isn’t it?

LearnDash Buddy-Up comes up with some outstanding features, which makes that add-on more powerful and more user-friendly. Let’s take a look at these features:

  • Enables group study feature to the LearnDash community.
  • Compatibility with LearnDash groups.
  • Chat between buddied up users.
  • LearnDash users can choose whether to be buddied up or not.
  • Admin can select max users that can be buddied up.
  • LearnDash users can accept/deny the buddy-up invitation.

Study Group

The study group can help a student grow and many students enjoy the benefits of study groups. LearnDash buddy-up add-on enables group study feature in LearnDash LMS. Through LearnDash buddy-up add-on users can create a group, can make buddies, can do live chat in that group and can learn much more with their’s buddies.

The user can see all buddied up users in the buddied up box at the course page

LearnDash Groups Compatibility

LearnDash Buddy-up add-on is fully compatible with LearnDash groups. Its mean, if the admin has added a user in a LearnDash group and the user registers a course also, he/she can create a group and can buddy-up with any user in that same LearnDash group also. What if the user is not in any LearnDash group? Then the user can buddy up with only those aren’t in any LearnDash group, same like him/her.

Live Chat

One another amazing LearnDash buddy-up add-on feature is “Live Chat”. After creating the buddy-up group, there will be a live chat box, where all the buddied up students can chat regarding that course. The chat will show in all the contents of that course, i.e lessons, and topics, but not in quizzes.

User Control and Freedom

In LearnDash buddy-up the user has full control to be buddied up or not. Whenever a user sent a buddy-up request to another user, the receiver can choose whether to be buddied up or not by accepting or rejecting the buddy-up request. Moreover, the user can leave the group at any time.

Maximum Users

This LearnDash buddy-up feature allows the admin to enter the “number of users” that can be added to a buddy-up group. By default, only two users can be added.

Accept/Deny Invitation

Once two users are buddied up, they both can invite other registered users to join their group. An invitation email will be sent to all those invited students, after acceptance they will all be added to the BuddyUp group and the buddied-up box. If a user rejects an invitation email, the sender will not be able to send them an invitation email again.

To make your LearnDash courses more classroom-like, Our team has developed this LearnDash Buddy Up add-on. The group study via live chat feature will not only help students to stay motivated but will also keep them determined to finish up their course and take on the next one. We hope it will help you to make your LearnDash LMS more engaging.

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