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Create An Affiliate Program For Your LearnDash Course

Last month we published a post on how to use AffiliateWP to set up your own affiliate program on your LearnDash site. Since then, our ninjas have been hard at work creating a shortcut to helping you connect these two plugins seamlessly. 

We have just launched a brand new add-on, integrating LearnDash and AffiliateWP.  In this post, we’ll take a second look at creating an affiliate program for your online course by taking advantage of the LearnDash AffiliateWP Integration add-on.

How Can Affiliate Marketing Benefit Your Online Learning Site?

Adding an affiliate program to your LearnDash site allows you to expand the reach of your online courses, helping you grow your site’s sales, student body, and popularity.

Rather than spending time and money promoting your courses on your own, you can allow your own students to share their experiences with your course with their network of friends. This is important because potential new students will be far more inclined to trust the opinion of someone they know rather than the copy on your landing page. 

The benefits of affiliate marketing run in both directions. Just like you benefit from course promotion and referrals, your affiliates can enjoy paid commissions and access exclusive content for spreading the word. With the AffiliateWP and LearnDash integration, your affiliates can be paid a set amount of money or a percentage commission for each sale that they help you close. Even when they are driving new students to your free content, you can reward them with referral points, which in turn will allow them to unlock premium lectures.

How To Build An Affiliate Program Using The AffiliateWP LearnDash Integration

Without the AffiliateWP LearnDash Integration, setting up an affiliate program with AffiliateWP requires you to use the WooCommerce plugin and the LearnDash WooCommerce integration. If you wanted to give commissions to reward referrals and course sales without the integration, you had to have WooCommerce or some other e-commerce plugin active and set up each LearnDash course as a product. 

This entire process is simplified with the AffiliateWP LearnDash Integration add-on. The integration allows LearnDash and AffilateWP to communicate with each other without having an e-commerce plugin acting as a middle man. 

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Some of the features of the AffiliateWP LearnDash Integration add-on include:

  • It enables users/students to sign up as affiliates for your LearnDash courses.
  • Affiliates can earn referrals by sharing their affiliate URLs.
  • When affiliates refer someone to a free course, you can still reward them with “referral points”. These points can be used to unlock exclusive lectures, using the add-on.
  • When affiliates help you close a sale, by referring a student to a paid course, the add-on allows you to pay them a flat rate or percentage commission.
  • Create premium lectures, which work the same way as any other LearnDash Lesson or Topic, but can be exclusively unlocked by affiliates using their “referral points”.

Get Started And Boost Your Course Sales!

If you are looking to switch up your marketing strategy for your LearnDash site, an affiliate program can help you get great results. With the new AffiliateWP LearnDash Integration add-on setting one up is easy and quick. If you have any further questions or comments on this add-on, please let us know in the comments below or contact us.

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