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Is Adaptive Learning the Future of your LearnDash Course?

At any high school, you will find that regular and advanced placement courses are offered. Knowledge hungry students can enroll in advanced classes that are more challenging and interesting. At the same time, students that find regular coursework sufficiently challenging can get their needs met through regular coursework. At the other end of the spectrum, struggling students can enroll in summer school to catch up. Here, the school system successfully applies adaptive learning.

Adaptive learning consists of providing coursework options that suit students with different levels of skill and knowledge. A student’s level can be assessed through the student’s performance in a prerequisite course or quiz. Course creators can then direct students to different follow-up courses according to their starting level, taking each student on an individualized path. 

This way you can challenge your advanced students with more difficult content, preventing them from losing interest in a simple course. At the same time,  those starting at a beginner level can be directed to a course that focused on helping them master the basics.

Online course creators can apply adaptive learning, by first learning more about their students’ educational needs and then providing them different course options accordingly. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of adaptive learning and how it can be integrated into your LearnDash site. 

What are the benefits of Adaptive Learning?

By properly evaluating your students’ knowledge and skills, you can best provide them the necessary education to help them progress and learn. Adaptive learning involves getting to know what each student truly needs and then providing them with specific tools to help them reach their goals. 

As a result, online courses relying on adaptive learning are more effective at preparing students, taking them through the best journey to boost their knowledge and keep their interest.

Here are some of the ways in which an adaptive learning strategy benefits your students:

  • Save them time: Not all of your students need to follow the linear structure of your courses. Students with a strong knowledge base or previous skills can jump straight ahead to more advanced courses and get the desired results.
  • Provide flexibility: Not every student will learn in the same way. There are many different learning styles and adaptive learning can help you provide alternatives for different learning needs and preferences.
  • Boost results: The more personalized a course is, the better it will serve the student that takes it. In turn, this boosts course completion and satisfaction rates.
Adaptive learning consists of providing your students with different coursework level options based on their abilities and needs. Find out how you can apply adaptive learning to your #LearnDash course in this post. Click To Tweet

How to use the Adaptive Learning Add-on to improve your LearnDash Course?

Online course creators face a tough challenge when it comes to offering a personalized teaching experience.  Knowing what each of your students need can be more difficult without face-to-face interaction, but our job at WooNinjas, is to try to make the online learning experience as close to reality as possible. The LearnDash Adaptive Learning Pro Add-on allows you to personalize your teaching plan for each student, on your LearnDash LMS website.

With LearnDash Adaptive Learning Pro you can guide your students through different learning journeys by defining different course levels. Based on a “Parent Course”, you can create different child courses that are assigned to students based on their previous performance.

For example, after taking an introductory course, students that fail the prerequisite course quiz can be assigned to a remedial course level, users with a grade between 60% and 85% are assigned to the intermediate course level and users with grades over 85% can be assigned to an advanced course level.

Adaptive Learning LearnDash

You can also use the LearnDash Adaptive Learning Pro add-on to give your LearnDash site a nonlinear structure. With the add-on you can create different child courses for each parent course, allowing students to go on a personalized journey according to their needs. Each child course can be focused on certain levels of knowledge, skill sets and unique learning goals.


Personalizing your LearnDash site to fit your student’s unique needs allows you to provide a unique and valuable learning experience to your users. The LearnDash Adaptive Learning Pro Add-on gives you the necessary tools to individualize teaching strategies according to student performance. If you have any other questions about the add-on, please let us know in the comments below or contact us.

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